Marine Veteran And Wife Take Inspirational Photos. Goes Viral Almost Immediately [video]

Updated April 10, 2017

One newly married couple is making headlines for the recent photo shoot pictures that they have been sharing on Facebook. In the first few photos, the couple looks like any other happily married couple, with smiling faces and loving eyes.

As you can see below, they are caught on camera staring at each other longingly. In the photo on the right, the husband has his arm wrapped around his beloved wife, which is a classic pose for most of these types of photo shoots.

But, we get a little bit more insight on this couple’s past, when we see an image that includes the bottom half of the images…

The photo certainly has made people look twice and question what happened to the husband. The photo shoot is of Jesse and Kelly Cottle, and their story is one that is heartbreaking, yet uplifting at the same time.

In 2003, in the midst of the war on terror, Jesse joined the Marine Corps. Six years later, as he was trying to dismantle an IED while on a deployment in Afghanistan, Jesse lost both of his legs.

“I was awake the whole time,” said Jesse. “It was tough but I just kind of always felt that it may be tough now but things will be okay and I had my family around me. I had good friends and basically, just my faith really helped to carry me through.”

And if it hadn’t been for Jesse being a double amputee, then he wouldn’t have met his wife Kelly while participating in a swim meet after he got home.

“I just remember being really intrigued by him,” said Kelly.

The couple instantly fell in love and got married.

This particular photo shoot was actually scheduled for the couple with Kelly’s family, however; the photographer, Sarah Ledford, captured the inspiring photo of Kelly holding Jesse, which ultimately went viral. The popular photo didn’t show anything new, as Kelly had been known to hold her husband like this, but it turned out to be a very inspirational photo that quickly spread across the country. The photo depicts sacrifice, true love, acceptance, strength, and faith.

Jesse’s loss of limbs shows the sacrifice that he has made for the country and the strength he had to move forward after his battle  Kelly and Jesse formed a true love after all that he had been through. Acceptance for how Jesse is

The photo below is one of many that were captured during the family photo shoot. Following this moment, the photographer asked the family to jump in the water together. And when they did, Kelly carried Jesse into the water.

Commenters shared special messages for the inspirational couple….

“I pray GOD Bless this couple in many ways. The hubby gave of himself for our freedom, my utmost admiration to them. Thank u so much. God will always be ur anchor. Keep looking on to God.”

“Love can make wonders…. It sees no boundary, weakness, complexities or deformities truly stands strong at every situation… God bless the couple n their beloved ones.”