Married For 62 Years They Both Pass Away Holding Hands, Drift Off To Heaven Together

Updated May 16, 2017

Last month, a relationship that began 62 years ago ended. While it was a tragic moment for their family members, it was also extremely touching. This Lake Jackson, Texas couple managed to leave this world holding hands in a moment that will warm your heart.

On April 21, Thomas and Delma Ledbetter died less than 90 minutes apart. They had done everything together during their relationship and not even death could take that away from them. When they fell ill together, the Ledbetters were admitted to a local nursing home. Their health deteriorated day by day – but they retained their love for one another.

In the end, they died minutes apart holding hands. And their family members will never forget the touching moment…

Delma Ledbetter was the first to become sick. Her husband then did too. He wasn’t about to leave his woman sick and alone. While he didn’t intentionally get sick, it was almost like God helped him stay in step with his wife.

“We got him over to the nursing home with mama,” the couple’s daughter, Donetta Nichols, told the news station. “They had pushed their little beds together, and mama was laying right there, facing him. She was asleep, and Daddy goes, and he reached over there, and he grabbed a hold of her hand, and he just laid there with her, and it was so sweet.”

Thomas was the first to go. His wife followed him to heaven shortly thereafter…

“I mean, it was exactly how they wanted to go,” Nichols said. “It couldn’t have been any better.”

Nichols said that her parents first met when a mutual friend introduced them. They were in Florida at the time because Thomas was stationed there for the military.

Their first date was simple. Thomas had to move his car so Delma decided to accompany him. After that, they were inseparable. Thomas knew from the beginning that she was the woman for him.

“They drove around two, three different blocks or whatever, and they came back, and they parked, and he said he reached over, and he grabbed her hand, and he said, ‘I don’t know what made me do it,’” Nichols told KPRC 2. “He said, ‘I just reached over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.’”

Just three weeks later, they married. They went on to have two daughters, seven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

When they were retired, they traveled America, staying at campsites, and exploring nature.

“Their love was a testimony to many, and was surely a match made in heaven,” the death notice read. “Although the family is filled with sadness, they are left with many loving memories until the time comes that they are all together again.”

The couple even had a joint obituary – keeping in step with how they lived their lives – as one.

Do you feel like you have a love that deep with your significant other? Or does the Ledbetters’ love story make you feel like they had something special?

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