Massive Carcass Once Thought To Be Elusive Giant Squid Has Been Properly Identified [watch]

Updated May 16, 2017

It seems the ocean keeps belching up surprises for us land dwellers. As one Russian deep-sea fisherman has shared in a photo series, creepy creatures of the depth are lurking just below our awareness.

But one creature that has haunted humanity for years is the giant squid. One of the undersea antagonists of the popular book and movie “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”, the giant squid is a mysterious and dangerous animal to come across.

But in a remove island in Indonesia, locals got the surprise of their lifetime when a 15-meter carcass of a giant squid came ashore just a few days ago. Now that the pictures have been uploaded to the internet, people cannot stop talking about this mysterious beast and how it came to be on shore. Check out the photos below and see why this giant squid is so surprising…

Local Asrul Tuanakota found the giant squid carcass on the northern shore of Seram Island in Maluku province in Indonesia. When the 37-year-old local saw the squid on Tuesday night, he first thought it was a stranded boat or a giant sea creature. But as the sun rose the next day, it became clearer that the rotting and stinky carcass was of none other than a giant squid.

Since Tuanakota announced his findings, anyone within navigable distance of the beach has come to see the stinky mass of decaying flesh. While most people think it is a giant squid others claim it could be a whale carcass. Because the carcass has decomposed a lot, it can be hard to tell what it is just from the photographs alone. A scientist or marine expert would need to make the determination.

Because the carcass is rotting and its smell travels a great distance, locals have asked authorities to help remove it from the pristine beach.

As the pictures have been shared across the internet, readers far and wide have added their two-cents to the discussion. Maybe you could, too, in the comments below?

Readers on Daily Mail shared hundreds of individual comments, including:

“What idiot thinks that is a squid? The water is stained reddish brown with blood, squids have blue, copper based blood. Red blood means it cannot be a squid. Also giant squids live very deep in the ocean far away from shore,” shared a reader from Boston.

Dave Gravy wrote, “..sorry about that, my mother in law always insists on laying around.”

“could be my mother in law. she was on holiday over there & it certainly resembles her,” wrote another reader.

“Decomposition has gone way beyond there being fresh blood in the carcass. Remember also that every sea creature and their auntie will have been feeding on the viscera leaving only the bones and tough skin, which is all you have here,” shared an astute observer.

“[The creature] is interesting, and can explain some of the myths that have been around for hundreds/thousands of years.”

What do you think this rotting carcass is? A whale or a giant squid?

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