Mayor Bill DeBlasio Thinks Cops Like Him. Wait Until You See How They Embarrass Him In Public

Updated July 13, 2017

There are several responsibilities that go along with being Mayor of a city. One of those is to attend outings and events that involve the city and its many public workers. Taking on such a role requires one to give up their own free time and dedicate their lives to the city and the people of the city while being prepared for anything that may come up. Because there are so many events going on at one time, it is likely that the Mayor has to be an expert on prioritizing which outings to attend.

Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City is no exception to the rule, but he recently received a lot of criticism for his lack of prioritizing such events and the NYPD made it clear that they didn’t appreciate his decision.

When NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia from the 46th precinct station house was shot in the head without warning by 34-year-old Alexander Bonds, her fellow officers were rightfully enraged and saddened by the assassination. Mother of three, Familia, had been sitting in her police car writing in her memo book when she was approached and fired at. Bonds was chased down and killed by police, but that didn’t stop the department from mourning profusely in the days following the incident. One of the ways that Familia’s friends, family, and colleagues sought healing was to have a candlelight vigil honoring her. The vigil was well attended, however; Mayor De Blasio made the decision to flee the city to protest the G20 economic summit instead of showing his support for the NYPD and failed to show up at the vigil that honored the fallen officer’s life.

As to be expected, Familia’s fellow officers were furious with the mayor’s decision and they made that clear when he showed up to her funeral and they all had their backs to him. As De Blasio gave a speech at the funeral, several hundred men and women in uniform turned their backs on him, showing their lack of respect for the man.

“Mr. Mayor, you didn’t have to travel to Germany for a protest,” said Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins. “All you had to do is speak in front of the men and women of the NYPD.”

This isn’t the first time that the NYPD has been disappointed in the mayor and his lack of support. Allegedly, De Blasio showed support for the Black Lives Matter protests against the police, which caused the initial strain of the relationship between the department and the mayor. After some investigation, it was concluded that Alexander Bond had posted anti-police rhetoric on social media which offered some proof that the incident was connected to the murderer’s hate for police.

The majority of commenters sided with the NYPD…

“Way to go NYPD! I hope you turn your back on him — the way he has turned his back on you — if he is ever in need of police protection himself.”

“Good! Now vote him out of office! We don’t need people like this in positions of power & influence in the USA.”

“If he is depending on the NYPD for his personal security, he should be feeling a little uneasy right now.”