McDonald’s Makes Exception For Employee With Downs Retiring After 33 Years, Throws Party

Updated May 15, 2017

Retirement is a bid deal. Someone has worked hard for many years to earn the privilege of retiring. Imagine: life without work while you’re still getting a steady paycheck from your pension or savings account. It is a life that fewer Americans see possible for themselves now than just a few decades ago.

Back during my grandparents’ day, pensions were very common. Now it can be very difficult for a young person to find a job that offers health benefits let alone a retirement package.

But after 33 years of dedicated service to the biggest fast food chain in the world, Daniel Lybrink was ready to retire. But instead of going quietly into that dark night, his local community wanted to celebrate his final day on the job. During his retirement party on Monday, Daniel was surrounded by his family and friends. It was a special day for the hard working man.

Back in 1984, Daniel began his career at McDonald’s. He started as a “lobby manager” and kept his head down and worked hard to keep his job and make it through the years. With more than three decades of job experience now, Daniel, who has Down syndrome was always known for his do-or-die work ethic and his never-ceasing smile.

Daniel’s retirement party was a surprise for the hard worker. It was held at Brighton’s McDonald’s on Monday and made the Daniel smile even bigger than normal.

Everyone who loved Daniel’s presence at the McDonald’s showed up to support his retirement. This included his family, friends, and people from the local community who were all sad to see him go. He was the sole beacon of light in that corporate fast food establishment.

To send Daniel off into a happy retirement, the community brought a cake, gifts, and a special memory book that all the guests could sign. Many people left Daniel with heartfelt messages.

For the last 13 years, David Glynn, General Manager at the Brighton McDonald’s, has worked alongside Daniel. He has learned a lot from Daniel’s positive attitude and his work ethic.

But the thing Glynn loves most about Daniel is how he always “makes everybody feel special”. Glynn is going to miss having that energy in his store.

Glynn is not the only other coworker who was nearly in tears to see Daniel leaving. Ruthan Knarr described Daniel as a responsible, polite and courteous employee. But not only that, Daniel was the sweetest person she had ever met in her life, she admitted. No matter what is going on in his life, Daniel puts on a smile and gets to work.

But the sweetest moment of the day was when Daniel described his fellow McDonald’s employees as his “other family.” He was proud that so many people had come to support him in his retirement. Although he jokingly said, “I don’t ever leave,” he can’t wait to close the McDonald’s chapter of his life for good and move on to greener pastures.

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