Meteorologist Decides To Bring Young Nephew Live On Air, Ends In Absolute Hilarity [video]

Updated March 28, 2017

If you have ever been an actor then you have been explicitly warned to never, ever do a scene with a dog or children. Why? Because no matter how accomplished a thespian you are, nothing steals a scene like dogs or little kids.

We just found this hilarious video of a local meteorologist who brought her young children to work with her at the television studio one day. You are going to laugh till you cry when you watch the little terrors ruin the weather report on live television.

For those of us with awesome jobs, bringing our kids to work can be a really exciting event. Giving them a tour of the place, letting them fiddle with the accouterments of our industry, and introducing them to the adult world of fast paced business.

But for one proud mother and television meteorologist, bringing her kids to work kind of blew up in her face, but in all the funniest ways.

Heather Haley is the meteorologist for WLVT television in Knoxville, Tennessee. Recently, when her two young children and a nephew were out of school on spring break, she got the wise idea to bring them down to the CBS affiliate station to see where she works.

And hilarity ensued.

Chaos soon broke out during the live broadcast. Logan, her toddler was introduced to the viewing audience, and promptly started disrobing. Then, her nephew, Landon, ran out and started dancing in front of the cameras. Her oldest son, Hayden, was wearing a green shirt, which dissolved behind the projection screen, making him appear to be nothing more than a disembodied head floating in front of a map.

Haley had a good chuckle in front of her audience and then tried to scoot the kids off screen, but Landon had tasted the limelight and not going to give it up. He continued to dance around in front of the cameras until staffers were able to tackle him and drag him off the sound stage.

After the kids were safely removed from in front of the cameras, it took Haley a few moments to regain her composure, after which she remarked “I should have known better,” to the good folks of Knoxville.

Since the broadcast and clip have gone viral, people are taking to Facebook to share their own thoughts on Haley’s experience, saying:

“LOL Kids will be kids.. Try restaurants.. More laughs and upsets..”

“ should have let it played out. Would have been priceless!”

“That’s life it gives us all a chance to smile and laugh every once in awhile I thank you for little mishaps!”

“Love children, uninhibited, so honest, what a cute baby.”

“Aww, what a lil cutie lol.”

At least one parent thought it was a special moment though, relating a story about their own child and a local news broadcaster:

“All my son Mike wanted for his fourth birthday was to meet our local CBC news anchor Al Terzi. A meeting was arranged, Mr. Terzi has had a lifelong impact on my now grown successful son. It was an experience I will never forget!”

Have you ever taken your kids to work? How did that work out for you? Share your stories with us here.