Meteorologist Shares Easy Way To Defrost A Car Window In Seconds, Even If It’s Solid Ice

Updated November 15, 2017

The winter season brings many nuisances, including abundant snowfall that needs removal and the buildup of ice on a car windshield, both of which can be time-consuming tasks to attend to.

One weatherman shared a genius solution to the icy windshield issue that involves a couple of ingredients and a spray bottle.

WATE 6 News’ Ken Weathers provided a tutorial that will rid ice from your car window instantly. In the video, Weathers gives all the information you need: take two parts rubbing alcohol, one part water, then mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. That’s it.

Okay, but does it work? Yes, remarkably well, with no heavy scraping required.

Simply spray the solution on your windshield and, like magic, it’s de-iced. According to “It works because of the incredibly low freezing point of isopropyl alcohol – about 128 degrees below water’s freezing point! – so you can even leave this magic spray in your car to have on hand for any unexpected frost.”

We can all do with one less worry in the winter months, so this is a perfect solution.

Those commenting on a DIY Network Facebook post about the use of the solution weighed in with remarks like: “Works great on a sidewalk, not sure I would use it on my car though, probably would want to do some research first,” “very handy in this weather,” and “So I guess we are too lazy to warm a car up and scrape these days.”

Others had solutions for the ice issue, including: “Move to a warmer climate?” and “a garage would work better.”

Another person advised: “Just buy de-icer, start your car, let it warm up with the defrost on, free up your wipers and turn them on!” Still commenter another offered: “Windshield wiper fluid works the same way, probably made from the same ingredients.”

Some commenters, however weren’t sold on using the solution, with one person noting: “Did not work for me but stripped the rain-x off of my windshield.”

Those weighing in with comments on the MyCountryMarket Facebook post about the solution also had some ideas, including one person who warned: “Not only can this (of overspray) ruin the paint on your vehicle because of the rubbing alcohol, but it can also damage the seal around the windshield as well. It also will leave a film on the windshield that can eat at your wiper blades… Buy a $5 or cheaper in some cases ice scraper and put in 15-20 seconds of work and you will be done without any damage to the vehicle.”

One person noted that “Windshield washer fluid is diluted 50/50 with distilled water. This is why it’s not as harmful, although speaking from an auto manufacturer standpoint, it still can overall be harmful if used in excess. This they are talking about 66 percent pure rubbing alcohol. I mean by all means go ahead and do it.. the method has been around for years but I’ve also seen many cars come through dealerships where paint is ruined or the seals are ruined and then they tell me they do this. Do it once and yeah, you probably won’t have a problem, do it multiple times though and you’re just asking for issues.”