Mom And 6 Sons Grow Hair Out Then Donate 17 Feet To Honor Friend Who Died From Cancer

Updated May 16, 2017

Nowadays it seems as if every type of hairstyle goes. Long hair, short hair, pixie cuts, beards, and mustaches are all part of today’s fashion statements, however; one family is learning that not all are accepting of long hair on boys.

New York resident Phoebe Kannisto has seven children: a two-year-old daughter, five-year-old triplet boys, eight-year-old twin boys and a ten-year-old son so she is well aware of the looks that she gets when she is out in public with her brood. But, one thing that has attracted even more attention is the fact that all of her boys have long hair. And while the looks are disheartening, Phoebe is proud of her children for their decision to grow their hair long, because they are doing it for a very special reason. When a young family friend died of cancer, the three oldest boys decided to do something that would help other children with cancer, so two years ago they decided to start growing out their hair, on a mission to donate it to the non-profit organization “Children With Hair Loss.” Inspired by the boy’s desire to help, Phoebe also made the decision to grow her hair.

Like a rippling effect. Pheobe’s younger children saw their older siblings growing their hair, and they too wanted to help out. All six of the boys were soon growing their hair out, but unfortunately, that bold decision came along with mistreatment from other kids. Luckily the boys had each other and they weren’t too affected by the other kids’ comments. Two years later, they were ready to take their long awaited trip to the hair salon to cut off the hair they’d grown and donate it to those in need.

A major transformation took place as the locks were cut off and soon the boys had their short crew-cuts back. The six boys and their mom ended up donating a total of 17 feet of hair to the organization. This was a perfect example of how effective teamwork can be. The boys say that they would do it again in a heartbeat and next time their little sister will join in when her hair is long enough.

Commenters applauded the boys for sticking with it and following through, on a mission to help other children in need…

“It’s incredible that they would endure the snide comments and bullying about looking like “girls” to help someone else. That is soo Christ-like!!! God bless those boys.”

“Yea, they are heroes – – brave ones – – because kids – and adults – – can be very rude and judgmental before learning that there are reasons. May God bless that family.”

“That’s awesome. Great family.”

This project seems like the first of many for this very giving and caring family and the mom is certainly teaching them good values. They are lucky that they had each other through the whole process and hopefully the other children who were bullying them learned a valuable lesson when they realized the long hair was for a good cause.