Mom Asks Toddler About Her First Day Of School, Her Response Has Me Rolling On The Floor

Updated August 16, 2017

One mom got exactly what she wanted when she prayed for a little princess. When her sassy two year old went to preschool, she came home with a boatload of complaints. And while mom ran the camera, the little girl rolled out all the things she hated about her first day of preschool. Besides being away from mom, the girl claimed that the teachers are shady and “the kids are insane!” If you love watching adorable little girls, then you need to watch the video of 2-year-old Mila Stauffer from Arizona. Not only was she bummed out about being sent to preschool, little Mila wondered why her mom didn’t just send her straight to “law school.” This is a clip you’re going to love. Watch it now.

Although she wanted her mom to send her some place better, little Mila showed up to her first day of preschool very dubious. And her doubts were affirmed as she later told her mom when the day was done. The dramatic girl went on a tirade about all the horrible things about her first classroom experience. And she did it all in front of the camera.

The toddler is a real-life diva and has become a social media sensation overnight. Her adorable attitude and talk-back sass was an eye-opener for the preschool teachers and other students.

Mila’s mother, 39-year-old Katie Stauffer knew she had to send the girl to preschool and not law school, despite what her toddler wanted.

The little girl is dressed in a Disney princess gown – like the princess she is – and described how the teachers could do nothing to calm the classroom down and the 2-year-old had to take control of the situation and do it all herself. She was pretty upset about that. Her older sister, Kaitlin, films the girl talking and mom later uploaded it to Instagram.

Right from the beginning, Mila starts telling it like it is.

“My mom had some news for me, she signed me up for preschool. I told her I want to go to law school.”

Then Mila put on her most dramatic face.

“She was like, ‘No Mila, you’re only two.’”

The little girl has blonde hair tied up in little buns. She gets into her speech and uses her hands to gesticulate what she means. And she continues to describe the first day of preschool that left her “shook” and disturbed.

While interviewing the little girl, her sister made the mistake asking her about her teachers. The toddler rolled her eyes and then said how “the teachers are shady, kids are insane…”

Mila did not have a peer capable of matching her wit and charisma. She stood out like a princess among the frogs. Instead she complained about how the other kids kept throwing everything and “pooping everywhere.”

But this is a serious matter and NOT something you should be laughing at.

“I walk in and I’m like…” she says, hitting the camera with her diva face of disgust. “But I’m still alive.”

What do you think about this girl’s first day of preschool?

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