Mom Claims Photo She Took Is Proof That Life Beyond The Grave Is Real, Do You See It?

Updated October 5, 2017

While lying down, one woman from Queensland, Australia suddenly felt a chilling presence. Without turning around, she took out her phone and snapped a selfie to see if she could catch the ethereal spirit lurking behind her on film. And when she reviewed the footage, she was shocked to see the spirit of a former pet lurking on her bed. It was her beloved cat in ghost form and it was back to play. Now Stacey Bellette is going public about the ghost cat she caught on film. And she is leaning on her years of experience of the supernatural to explain the appearance of the ghost. Learn more about Stacey Bellette and her ghost cat when you continue reading…

Bellette lives in Wilsonton. And she has been experiencing otherworldly things since her father passed in 1978.

“That’s when I started hearing voices, things touching me, things moving and banging – the whole kit and caboodle,” she said.

But her latest encounter with the afterlife has gone viral as she claims the ghost of her pet cat is visible in this photo.

Bellette is convinced that her Queensland house is haunted – not by giant spiders or venomous snakes – but by ghosts.

And she has captured numerous videos and photos to try to prove to the world that she is right. In one of the creepy videos, Bellette is climbing into bed. But then a disembodied voice utters, “kill you” clearly in the clip. It is hard to explain away that one.

In another video, Bellette is busy sweeping the hallway. She had felt a strange presence so she had her camera running. And it captures something. A dark shadow quickly appears and creeps out from under the fridge.

Any of these videos would be enough to give average people nightmares – especially with Halloween approaching and if you have a predilection to fear ghosts and believe in ghost stories.

Her latest evidence of ghostly activity is this photo her dead cat. Bellette claims that it is visible in the photo as its spirit has jumped on the bed just like it used to do when it was living.

Although she had these paranormal experiences throughout her life, she doubted that they were real. But when she visited a clairvoyant, she realized that her house was indeed haunted. She got her money’s worth with that visit.

“She (clairvoyant) told me I was born with a gift and was able to communicate with the spirit world. I was looking for the exit real quick,” she said.

Reader comments are split down the middle on the Mail Online forum. Some people believe Bellette while others think she is just seeing things.

“Just because some choose not to believe in ghosts doesn’t mean they aren’t real. All the people commenting ghosts aren’t real are just too scared to allow the possibility into their minds.”

“No such things as ghosts people, don’t be so silly!”

“She scared me more.”

“I think she looks like a “user” so I guess she sees all sorts of apparitions.”

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