Mom Confronts 1-Year-Old Why She Isn’t Napping, Her Argument Has Me In Stitches [video] : AWM

Mom Confronts 1-Year-Old Why She Isn’t Napping, Her Argument Has Me In Stitches [video]

Babies are deceiving. While they look small and innocent, they can be very manipulative and deceiving. Even if they haven’t developed the voices and speaking skills yet, they still manage to get their way with just a look or that cute little baby babble. They are known to grab onto things that they shouldn’t…like mom’s cell phone. And when there is a sibling in the picture, they try their darndest to doddle behind them showing their parents that they have their own agenda and no one is going to stop them. When it comes to nap time, sometimes their head hits the pillow as soon as they are set in their crib, and other times they simply aren’t in the mood to shut off and recharge. There is just too much to do and see and they aren’t willing to give in and rest those angelic eyes.


When one little baby girl is supposed to be napping in her pack n’ play, her mom busts in the room and catches her doing anything but. Instead, the baby is sitting up playing with her toys and when mom asks why she isn’t sleeping, she stands up and gives her a look that conveys a whole lot. He bright eyes show that she would rather play than sleep and has no intentions of hitting the sack any time soon.

“Sleeping…you’re supposed to be sleeping,” says the mom. “Did you forget?”

“Yeah!” says the baby girl, shouting one of the few words that she is capable of saying at the young age. Little does she know that she is having a conversation with her mom and persuading her to let her skip nap time.

When the mom says “goodnight,” the baby rests her head on the side of the pack n’ play, mimicking the sleep that she is obviously trying to fight. “On the pillow,” says the mom. And the baby just laughs, as if she knows that there is no way she is going to sleep.

Commenters had a range of opinions on the video and some shared their own experiences with sleep. Those naps and bedtimes that we dreaded as a child would certainly come in handy as an adult…


“I remember when I was a kid, I would hate going to bed too. Now, I’ll take any shut-eye I can get. Unfortunately, we don’t get nap-time at college.”

Others noticed her creative manipulative skills…

“She’d make a great lawyer!”

“A very smart baby. I see a future lawyer.”

And several picked up on her impressive vocab for only being one…

“Wow she has a big vocabulary for her age.”

“Wow she is a smart one talking so clearly at that age.”

“One year old? She could talk her way out of anything. I need tips from her.”

Evidently, you’ve gotta watch out for the little ones. While they look cute and innocent, they are using major strategies to get out of situations. If this little gal is only one, we can only imagine what she will be up to as a teen.