Mom Down On Her Luck And Depressed Wins A Free Makeover, Looks Unrecognizable

Updated October 12, 2017

As people age, they do more to protect their skin in an effort to look more youthful. And we all like the idea of appearing a few years younger than our birth certificate might say. Women especially like to look and feel young. Lots of products are available to help fight the effects of aging. Women are pressured to look young. Society seems to reward them when they follow the trend. Wrinkles and fine lines face a swarm of products that are designed to minimize their appearance. Women also are expected to purchase moisturizers to repair and “rejuvenate” skin. And young women even follow trends to make them look even younger. Because a woman named Jane wanted to feel beautiful and look younger, she developed a makeup routine and kept at it for years. But now that the times have changed, Jane has a look stuck in the 1980s. And she recently appeared on a makeover show to refresh her look.

Jane loved to abuse her dark eyeliner. She felt that it helped make her look younger. But she wasn’t so sure anymore. And although she was open to changing the way she did her makeup, she didn’t know where to go. She had been doing what she was doing for years already.

So Jane approached The Makeover Guy for help. She was expecting him to change up her makeup selection and use alternative products. But then he surprised her with a different suggestion. He told her that less in more in her case.

The Makeover Guy didn’t give Jane a makeover. Instead, he gave her a “makeunder” where he helped her shed the unnecessary layers of makeup she had grown attached to over the years. They weren’t working for her anymore and only worked to date her.

With a lot less eye makeup, The Makeover Guy softened Jane’s look. And then he transformed her blonde hair into brunette. And it made her look much better.

Although Jane was afraid of the changes – especially her shorter haircut – the Makeover Guy knew exactly what he was doing, a the big reveal at the end proves.

When you see the after photos, you’ll be shocked at how good Jane looks. By using less makeup and doing things a bit differently, she achieved her desire of looking years younger. And to think that she was using too much makeover the whole time.

When her sisters see her transformation, they can’t help but get emotional.

Watch the video below to see it happen. Here were a few comments that viewers like you contributed to the YouTube discussion section:

“This is the first one that has made me cry! aaaaawwwww! 3 sisters, who, it is very obvious, love each other so much! jane looks great, her sisters are beautiful as well”

“She looks great! Reminds me of Princess Diana.”

“hat a difference, softening the makeup and hair made.  She looks like a beautiful German doll.  Congratulations!”

“She looks so much younger!”

What do you think about Jane’s transformation?