Mom Expecting Quadruplets, Sees Stranger At The Door. Realizes It’s A Surprise Of A Lifetime

Updated May 16, 2017

If anyone could use a little Mother’s Day pampering, it’s this mother of four kids…who is pregnant with quadruplets. To say that she has a lot on her plate (and will soon have more to manage!) is an understatement.

Kelly Myers, an Ohio mom who, along with husband James, has four kids, ages 11 months to 14 years old, noted “I’m a lot more tired, more wobbly” right now.

Never fear, help is on the way! Courtesy of Babies ‘R’ Us, who surprised this mom in a huge way on Mother’s Day. The store provided a care package with six car seats, feeding supplies, sheets, bibs, swaddles, and all the accessories for four babies. Plus, 2,000 diapers!

The Babies ‘R’ Us manager, Colleen Kennedy, explained the generous gift, saying, “I had twins myself, so I know what it is like to have two at one time. Four at one time is a handful so we wanted to be there to help out.”

Kelly found out she was pregnant with quadruplets in December and said of the multiples: “I’m scared, but I’m excited to see what happens next, for the journey ahead.”

Kelly is 25 weeks pregnant, with her doctor planning to deliver the babies on June 27. She has a little bit more to go in her pregnancy, but this gift should help things greatly.

In this video from Fox 8 News, the reporter explains their follow up since meeting the family.

The pregnant mama explained that “all babies are growing where they should be and…so far, so good.”

While the interview took place inside, Babies ‘R’ Us worked their magic, unloading all of the gear and supplies to make this family’s life just a little easier. The family was then told to go outside for the big surprise.

The Babies ‘R’ Us manager came to Kelly’s door, explaining, “We heard all about you…we have car seats for all your children and feeding items, diapers.”

There were even gifts for the other children. When asked what she thought about the surprise, Kelly was speechless, saying, “My mind is blown.” She added, “That’s awesome. That’s this is great. I can’t thank you enough. Wow…thank you so much.”

The month prior, Fox 8 News covered the Myers family’s story about Kelly’s pregnancy. The scene, with four children, was already chaotic, with the reporter noting, “Life with four is already pretty wild for Kelly and James Myers.”

James explained, “It’s already crazy…my son jumps off the couches,” with Kelly adding, “He’s wild.”

The reporter noted, “But things are about to get a whole lot crazier because…surprise! Kelly is pregnant…however, a routine ultrasound in December revealed an even bigger surprise.”

Kelly explained the moment she found out there were four babies, noting, “I started hyperventilating.”

The chance of quadruplets, Kelly explained, “is one in over 700,000 that I would drop four eggs, all four would fertilize.”

The biggest shocker? Three of the babies are girls and one is a boy, which is what they already have!

The couple noted that they are just taking things day by day because…what else can you do?