Mom Finally Films Goodbye Routine Daughter And Dog Have Everyday Before School, Goes Viral

Updated April 18, 2017

If there is anything cuter than kids, it is dogs. And perhaps nothing is cuter than kids and dogs together. At least, if there is something cuter, we have not seen it yet.

If you need proof however, we just found this adorable video on YouTube of a little girl and the family dog. This clip is so cute, you may need an insulin shot after you watch it.

Little Sierra is getting ready to go to school with her mommy when she walks over to the family dog, Sampson, and kisses him goodbye right on the snout.

If that video does not just melt your heart, you should probably check your pulse. Seriously, the cutest thing we have seen today.

We wanted to find out what folks were saying about this video, which has been watched more than one hundred and twenty thousand times. Turns out that like us, everyone is loving this clip.

One commenter on YouTube said “The pure innocence of this little girl with her dog is just lovely, What a nice way to teach her to show kindness to animals.”

And another commented that “…the bond between the little girl and pooch is strong. The video was heartfelt.”

Someone who knows about dogs said “My Newfy’s dad was named samson. Must be a fairly common name for them. They are wonderful dogs, gone in a flash unfortunately.”

While another said “Newfs are the most affectionate of dogs. A Newf that bonds to you will do everything in his power to keep you with him…whether you like it or not!”

And then there were those who just wanted to share their love of pooches, who said things like “Dogs love you more than they love themselves they would defend and die for you a little kiss on the snout is the least you can do to show them how much they mean to you.”

And, “So sweet! I always kiss my dog. He’s nicer than most people.”

Of course, with this being the internet, someone had to bring cats into the conversation, commenting “Sweet! Reminds me of our old cat, she walked us to the school bus in the morning (close to a mile) and she was there waiting for us in the evening and walked proudly ahead of us with her tail up in the sky.”

Seriously though, why don’t cat people just stick to posting on videos of cats where they belong? Why do they thing dog people care what a cat may or may not have done?

We did some research on this breed of dog, the Newfoundland, and discovered some interesting facts about them.

Newfoundlands were first bred in Canada and are a working breed for fishermen. They actually have webbed feet for better swimming, and their coat is water resistant. A normal male “Newfie” as they are sometimes called can weigh between one hundred and fifty and one hundred seventy five pounds.

What is your favorite breed of dog? Please share your thoughts with us here.