Mom Forgot To Give Son Lunch Money, School Gives Him Food Not Even Animals Should Eat

Updated March 2, 2017

It seems like school lunch is now the big battleground in our culture war. With recent policy shifts by school boards to limit the costs of providing school lunches to children, many have started to notice a decline in what has always been a fairly low standard to begin with.

An Indiana mother just took her struggle for school lunch justice to social media and has sparked a huge response. You are not going to believe her story until you see the pictures of what her kid was served.

Amy Wittaker Anders says her son was given a moldy peanut butter sandwich recently, when he forgot his lunch money.

She says her son left for school one morning without his lunch money, and when he informed the cafeteria staff, they handed him a peanut butter sandwich covered in mold. Fortunately, he was smart enough to take pictures of the inedible mess, which she has posted to her Facebook page.

Along with the pictures, she posted the following comment:
“I have no idea how someone could not see this was bad when handing it out.”

When her son returned the sandwich to the counter, the staff members handed him a replacement sandwich, but by then he was too scared to eat it.

She also claims that a similar event occurred a couple of weeks prior to one of her son’s friends.

After her post began to spread on Facebook, the Avon Community School Corporation issued a statement regarding the incident, which reads:

“We are grateful to be made aware of the situation and have reached out to the parents and apologized. This is an unacceptable human error and we are looking into it to ensure that this never happens again.”

Stories of this nature are starting to come to light all over the country as school districts are cutting back on, or trying to control, their food expenses to keep their budgets in order.

In one case, a school cafeteria worker quit her post after being told she would be required to deny service to children who were delinquent in their school lunch accounts.

And last month, students at a Maryland school posted pictures of the food that was being served to them, some of which was undercooked, covered in mold, or expired.

Anders’ story has generated a lot of commentary among social media users, saying things like:

“How could you not notice that? Green is not a natural color for any bread…seems like sandwiches are not being properly rotated, if there are moldy ones to hand out, which makes me wonder if any of their food is being properly rotated by expiration date.”- Jennifer Smith

“No excuse is good enough for this. Schools have the gall to CHARGE money for this crap! Oh hell no! If a kid brought this from home, the school would call child services in a heartbeat! Maybe child services should be investigating schools for abuse and neglect,not innocent parents who would never let their kids even see this except as a personal science experiment.”- Jennifer Foster

“The kitchen staff all needs to be replaced.”- Alma Williams

“My daughter told me they hand out expired food if you do not have a lunch. She said it’s better just to not eat that day then eat what they give you.”- Amber Stone

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