Mom Gives Birth To Child Number 3. Then Doctors Hear Mom Scream, Jump Into Action

Updated September 20, 2017

Angie and her husband, Gino, already had a beautiful family. With two young boys running about the house, they were happy. But then the doctors told them the good news. Angie was pregnant again. And everyone got super excited about the third child expected. Because the family already had a lot of male energy, everyone wanted the baby to be a little girl. But they’d be happy with whatever little bundle of joy joined the household. On the day that Angie went in to get the sex of the baby she was carrying identified, the doctors revealed the shocking good news. Angie wasn’t carrying just one little girl, she had three little girls baking in her oven. The family couldn’t have been more pleased.

Before they even came into the world, the family picked names for the little ones. They were Daniella, Camilla, and Anabella. As you can tell, the family was happy to rhyme their names – but it probably would get pretty confusing when these three little girls are all running about the house causing trouble.

But as is the case with almost every multiple birth, complications could occur. That’s why Angie did everything she could to protect the three lives growing within her.

Because two of the fetuses shared a placenta, they were at risk of developing slowly or not completely. The placenta provides the vital nutrients for the babies to grow while they’re in the womb.

Doctors told Angie and Gino that the babies that shared the placenta were at risk of being born undeveloped or underdeveloped. And that this could turn fatal if they weren’t cautious, especially because the little ones were at risk of brain hemorrhaging.

Because of these risks, doctors kept a close look on Angie’s unborn fetuses. And then they noticed the worst case scenario unfolding. One of the two fetuses who shared the placenta was not getting the fluid she needed. And the other was getting way too much. Both were at risk and this was not something the doctors had expected.

At week 27, doctors said Angie didn’t have a choice. She was forced to go to the hospital because she needed to be under constant care. While she had to trust Gino at home with her boys, it was tough for mom to be away from everything.

“Anything could happen between now and my due date,” Angie said.

At the point when the video was recorded below, the family was preparing to meet their three little angels. If you skip to the 3:54-mark, you’ll watch Angie get wheeled into the maternity ward. And as Gino says, it’s time for their three little stars to enter the world because he knows they’re destined for greatness.

The video below was been watched thousands of times. And people have left some interesting and inspiring comments, including:

“The hospital did amazing. They made they sure the babies are stable. The mom even said it had only been a few hours. And they were doing skin to skin even with all the tubes. Many hospitals would not allow that. In a perfect world she would have been able to hold and nurse them immediately but that is not always possible. I feel this hospital did amazing.”

What do you think about these three beautiful babies?