Mom Has Warning For Others After Popular Baby Product Found To Be Cause For Baby’s Injury

Updated March 20, 2017

Lice and bugs are some of the pesky fears that go along with parenting. It’s as if parents are just awaiting that first mosquito bite, bee sting, tick sighting and a case of lice. And the more inexperienced of a parent we are, the more we tend to check and double-check our children’s skin and clothing.

But, one mom had to face a real-life nightmare when she discovered that her baby was covered with blood-craving bugs. Twenty-six-year-old Rachael Scott kept finding bugs on her baby but she couldn’t find out where they were coming from. They continuously changed the baby’s clothing, changed the crib sheets and used several different bug sprays, but the bugs would inevitably return.

She was getting frustrated because no matter how hard she tried to find their origin, she just simply couldn’t figure it out.

“We had cleaned everything so much,” Rachael said. “I felt I was going out my mind.”

Finally, Rachel contacted her aunt, who recommended that she check the baby’s wicker crib. Considering Rachel had purchased the bed recently and it was still pretty new, she had her doubts that the bugs were coming from the crib.

But, much to her surprise, a massive amount of bugs cascaded off the bed after she removed the sheets and banged it against the patio door. “I didn’t know what they were but they were about the size of an ant,” she explained.

While she was initially disgusted with the myriad of bugs, she was somewhat relieved that she finally knew where they were coming from. She was ready to set her sights on tackling the bug infestation once and for all. She was a mom on a mission. But, then when she really started to think about it, she grew angry. Why would the bed that she purchased only a few months back, be infested with bugs?

How could this happen? It was a brand new product meant for the safety of her precious baby. It was unacceptable to her that a major outlet like Tesco could be so irresponsible. Rachael felt disgusted.Not only did she have to witness her baby getting eaten alive by creepy bugs, but she also had to spend time and money on fumigation quotes for her home.

Tesco is the company that was responsible for selling her the crib, and while they did contact her to offer sincere apologies, she is still a bit miffed at the thought of the bug-infested crib being sold to her in the first place.

A Tesco spokesperson confirmed that the wicker bed will be retrieved and a new one will be provided. They have also decided to throw in a free toy for the baby.

Commenters weren’t super thrilled with the company’s minimal compensation and thought that they should’ve done a bit more…

“I would refuse to accept the offer and get compensation for her baby. What would have happened if the baby was allergic to the bugs.”

“Wow how nice of the to replace the crib and give the baby a toy, she said sarcastically. They should be covering the costs of fumigation and any medical bills that were incurred.”