Mom Hasn’t Seen Her Marine Son In Over 2 Years, Her Sister Tells Her To Turn Around

Updated October 11, 2017

After being on duty for two years, a Marine was eager to surprise his mother with his homecoming. So after some careful planning, he appeared at a family reunion in Los Angeles. The moment was captured on film and shows exactly how mom reacts when her son walks in and surprises her after being away for about 24 months. And as you can imagine, mom is unable to suppress her jubilance at being able to see her son again. And the video has subsequently gone viral as thousands and thousands of people watch mom freak out when she sees her Marine son home safe and sound.

As any parent knows, being separated from a child is extremely difficult. Even if it is just a weekend, it can be hard to not thing about the child constantly. But as these children grow up and pursue their own lives, parents need to come to terms with not seeing them as often as they used to. And this is hard.

But this Los Angeles mom hadn’t seen her beloved son in about two years.

The filmed moment is absolutely heartwarming. You’ll see mom completely freak out when she realizes that her son who was in the Marines was able to attend the family reunion after all.

Mom had organized the family reunion without knowing that her Marine son would be able to attend. And as he walks up to her wearing his full uniform, mom breaks down into tears of joy.

She jumps up and down and shouts to the rooftops about how her son has come home. And everyone at the party watches on with joy as they see this mother see her beloved son after a much-too-long two years.

The other people at the family reunion didn’t even know the Marine would be attending either. And they were just as glad to see him as mom was – or at least almost as much. No one can match this beloved mother’s reaction to her son’s long awaited homecoming.

The video was filmed over the summer and posted online on September 2.

When the Marine starts walking into the family reunion, another family shouts out and screams toward him.

When the others start shouting, the young man’s mother turns to the Marine in uniform. Then she starts running up and down the patio because she is totally amazed.

The mom and the prodigal son embrace. And the person who is filming the entire encounter tells the mother, “We got you!”

Then another person shouts, “Your baby is home!”

Mom is still in disbelief. She is overjoyed to have her son back in her arms. It has been far too long.

She shouts at those watching as she embraces her son, “I ain’t seen him in two years!”

Viewers love this heartwarming moment. There is nothing like a long-awaited mother and son reunion. Here were a few comments shared on Mail Online.

“This does my heart good. It’s nice to see such happiness.”

What do you think about this Marine’s surprise homecoming?