Mom Is Besides Herself After Reviewing Baby Cam Footage To See How Baby Escapes Crib [video]

Updated June 15, 2017

When a baby boy has had enough of his crib, he enlists the help of his older brother to get him out. As you’ll see in the nanny cam footage, the older brother brings a chair over to help the little boy escape the confines of his crib. I don’t know if they watched a prison escape movie earlier that night, but these brothers seem to work as a solid team. I wouldn’t trust them together locked away at Alcatraz. Watch the humorous clip and see the baby escape from his crib with the help of his older brother!

When the clip begins, we see the older brother lifting the nursery room chair up and over the edge of the crib. Then the little baby inside straights up the chair. But the older brother isn’t done helping. He climbs over the edge of the crib and then sets up the chair so his little baby brother can make the grand escape.

The older boy moves the blanket out of the way so he can get the chair on a solid surface. This little boy knows how to make a clean prison break!

Then the older boy demonstrates to his younger sibling how to make the escape. He tells him to “Do this” before he rolls over the top of the wall and out into freedom.

That’s when the little boy, Finn, takes his turn at escaping the crib. As Finn climbs up on the chair, the older boy cheers him on, saying, “You can do it, Finn!”

But Finn is nervous. He is up high and doesn’t want to get hurt. But his bigger brother is there to help him. “Just jump to me! Jump Finn!”

Encouraged and supported by his big brother, Finn leans over the railing and into his brother’s arms. Then they both fall down onto the carpeted floor – triumphant and free.

That’s when they take a moment to celebrate Finn’s newfound freedom from the confines of the crib. “You got it Finn!” the older brother says. Then the pair walk out of the nursey door and enjoy a moment of freedom before mom puts them back to bed.

The video was initially shared to Facebook where it got many views. Now it is going viral all over the internet. It was picked up by Daily Mail and readers shared their thoughts:

“This is adorable!” one viewer proclaims.

Another has seen this before – in their own house, “I have twin boys that do this. They help each other climb out if their cots every night. One gets out and then throws his pillows into his brothers cot so he can climb out too. Sneaky wee chaps! Funny though to see them plotting how to get out of bed.”

“Little Finn is set for life with a brother like that,” wrote one viewer.

Another shared, “This is so sweet. Need cheering up [and this worked.]

What do you think about the way these little boys worked together?

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