Mom Is Breastfeeding, Minding Her Own Business When Stranger Slaps A Note On The Table

Updated September 13, 2017

Breastfeeding is something many of us did as babies. Yet despite it being a totally natural part of life, it is often scrutinized and considered not to be socially acceptable. And while the debate continues to rage whether breastfeeding in public is appropriate or not, moms are stuck in the middle. They have an obligation to their baby to make sure they do not go hungry. And breast milk has been proven to be very beneficial to babies. That’s why many moms choose to exclusively breastfeed their hungry infants. And if they make that decision, they have to feed their babies when they’re hungry – even it if happens at a time when mom is in public. But should moms cover up or feel ashamed of breastfeeding? The debate continues. Now one mom who breastfeeds is coming forward about a note she received in a restaurant after she was spotted breastfeeding her infant. And she posted it to social media because it made her break down and cry.

No matter what you believe is socially acceptable or not, to breast feed in public takes courage and commitment to your child. Although public breastfeeding is not considered illegal in the United States, many moms are bullied and harassed for doing it.

Isabelle had already had experience with the breastfeeding stigma. But when she walked into a restaurant, she didn’t think she’d have to deal with it. She’d just fed her little one before stepping into the restaurant so she thought the baby would be satisfied.

But she was wrong. Before long, the little one picked the most inconvenient moment to get fussy and demand food. That left Isabelle without a choice. She had to put her baby to breast.

As she fed her 10-month-old daughter, Charlotte, Isabelle tried to ignore the stares and looks of disgust thrown in her direction. Instead of letting the negative that surrounded her ruin her day, she focused on what was important to her in that moment – making sure her baby daughter was being properly taken care of.

While she felt the hate coming at her as she fed her daughter in the restaurant, soon enough Charlotte was done eating and Isabelle could put her breast away.

Not long after that, she received a note. It came with her dinner order. She picked it up and read these word:

“Thank you for breastfeeding here! Much love and respect”

Although most of the restaurant customers had despised Isabelle for breastfeeding her baby in public, at least one person was in her corner. An employee named Erica had written the note to let Isabelle know that she had someone who supporter her decision to do right by her daughter even if it made some people uncomfortable.

Breastfeeding is a natural part of child rearing. Yet Americans find it uncomfortable when done in public. If more moms like Isabelle face the stigma head on, it will become more socially acceptable.

Do you think more moms should be willing to breastfeed in public or is it a private act?