Mom Knows What Her Little Girl Does Everyday Will Go Viral, Whips Out Her Camera [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

When a 3-year-old girl hears that it is afternoon, she counts down the minutes until her big brother comes home on the school bus. It’s the biggest event of her day. It always brightens her spirits, and the love she gives her brother when he gets off the bus will make anyone feel good – especially her big brother.

“Guess what time it is?” the little girl shouts to her mom. “Time to get off the school bus!”

As you’ll see when you watch this viral clip, the little girl runs over to his brother to give him a hug as soon as he hops off the school bus stairs. Check out this heartwarming moment below!

The video, which is a compilation of many times when she greeted her brother, hops from one day to the next. You’ll get to see the adorable little girl leap into her brother’s arms when he gets off the bus.

She spreads her arms wide and runs to him from her place near mom. When mom realized that her daughter would be doing this often, she started filming the adorable moments. And the video she created is absolutely wonderful.

As the video description says, “Wow! See how excited this little girl is each day when her big brother gets off the bus. Guaranteed to brighten your day!” And it couldn’t be more right!

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched this heartwarming family moment. And it really has brought smiles to many people’s faces.

Hundreds have left comments, including:

“I’ve seen many brothers and sisters that are really close (my brother and I were/are too) but, this girl REALLY loves her brother!!” shared a user debdeb.

“lifts my heart. also, loves the way big brother hugs her back and protectively lifts her away from the bus,” shared Emma Klingsmann.

“Whenever I’ll have kids I hope they have a relationship like this,” wrote Usha Brahma.

“In my house, it was my daughter who was in school and my son was 3. He would stand at the window and cry for her the whole time she was gone,” shared Laura Nason.

“They have such a love for each other. You can see how protective he of he….the buss stops and if she is too close the wheels he looks back to move away from the wheels,” contributed Patricia Bennett-Sicilia.

“Absolutely the most adorable brother and sister I’ve ever seen. God bless this loving family,” a user named Birddog 99 wrote.

“That little darling is so very sweet, and her big brother is quite the little dude making sure she’s always safely away from the bus’s path when it pulls away,” wrote Ray Kaelin.

“WAY TO GO, mom or dad, for recording these so diligently!! Think about how *valuable* this will be to them both at their high school graduation parties!!” wrote Tinker Heck.

“Thank you for showing. Very sweet indeed. Partial tears came into play,” Jose Gonzalez wrote honestly.

How does this adorable clip make you feel? Were you close to your sibling growing up?

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