Mom Left Vomiting For Days After She Saw What Was Swimming Inside Her Boxed Drink

Updated November 20, 2017

Barbara Kline doesn’t have time to be sick. She’s a mom who lives in New York and also has a career in the healthcare field. It’s her job to take care of other people and not to be the one being taken care of!

But when she reached into her fridge for a drink of her favorite beverage, coconut water, she took a deep sip. After she started digesting the drink, she soon began vomiting for days. She also experiences other unnamable and embarrassing bodily reactions. And she knows the cause because she discovered something disgusting inside her favorite drink. Now she’ll NEVER touch coconut water ever again.

Although marketers have managed to make coconut water a wildly popular drink, it is still an emerging item on the grocery shelves. But as marketers tout its supposed health benefits people started trying it. And if you’re not a fan of drinking water, you might enjoy the taste of coconut water.

Many people have at least tried coconut water during their lives. But after you see what Kline found inside of her drink, you’ll be put off the stuff for the rest of your days. And if you’re not inclined to listen to Kline, she has a warning for you.

After finding an “octopus looking thing” in her packaged bottle of coconut water, Kline started vomiting and having diarrhea for days.

And before she was taken out for the count, Kline, who is from Goshen, New York, managed to snap a picture of the beast inside her drink. But there wasn’t supposed to be any in the bottle of Vita Coconut Water that she purchased from ShopRite.

Although the symptoms Kline suffered were not something she wanted to talk about, she needed to come forward to warn others away from coconut water.

“I feel absolutely sick to my stomach even talking about it. I know there is some type of animal in there. I’ve got told it looks like a mouse, I got told it looks like a squid, I got told it looks like a bunch of things that’s why I would like for somebody to get it tested for me that has more authority than me,” Kline said.

She continued her plea for support from the general public.

“All I want is for somebody to see it for themselves and understand that this is not right. I understand that products get moldy, and products get missed packaged and sometimes spoil, but this is just too much for me.”

She then detailed how it happened:

“I took it out of my refrigerator. I shook it. I opened it, I put a straw in it and then I drank it… Only when I swallowed those clumps I realized it tasted awful I started vomiting. The diarrhea honestly just stopped on Friday.”

Vita Coco addressed Kline’s complaint.

“We asked Ms. Kline for the product information for this unit on April 26, 2017, so that we could report the issue to quality control and investigate.”

Will you ever drink coconut water again?