Mom Looks At Newborn, Notices Something Isn’t Right. Figures Out Inexcusable Mistake

Updated July 17, 2017

According to a Dallas news station, a Texas couple has found out that their baby was intentionally switched with another, just moments after delivery. Now, months later, they have been reunited with their child. You are not going to believe this story until you watch this remarkable video.

Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas of Dallas were first time parents when they found themselves in the midst of a sinister plot.

The day after giving birth to their son at a hospital in El Salvador, they began to have serious questions as to whether the child that was presented to them was indeed their biological son. The first tip off was his skin tone, which was significantly darker than theirs.

Still, the doctor assured them the child was theirs, and they took the boy home and cared for it as any new parents would. However, there remained a peculiar feeling that something was not right. As the weeks and months progressed, they became convinced that their child had been deliberately switched at birth.

During the delivery, Mercedes says that the midwife kept telling her not to be concerned that her baby would be darker that the parents, which the mother found to be strange. Later, DNA testing would confirm that the baby was not related to Cushworth and Casanellas.

The reason? Cushworth and Casanellas believe that the Salvadoran doctor who delivered their baby was involved in human trafficking and that they were targeted because their child had lighter skin.

They travelled back to El Salvador to make a public plea for help, and soon the Salvadoran police got involved. They conducted DNA testing on all the babies born at the same hospital at the time Mercedes gave birth, and eventually arrested the doctor in charge.

Thankfully, with the support of family, friends, and the faith community where they met, they have been reunited with their biological son. The baby boy they had been lovingly caring for has also been returned to his rightful family in El Salvador as well.

The doctor involved in these births has been detained and informed by the Salvadoran courts that charges will be forthcoming. He is prohibited from leaving the country pending trial. It is unclear what the doctor has been charged with and his identity is being withheld at this time.

Cushworth, a British citizen living in the Dallas area, met Casanellas, a Salvadoran citizen, when they both attended the same private religious college. He had been working construction jobs while she travelled to her homeland to have their child.

All three are back in Texas now, and Cushworth is anxious to get back to his job in construction as soon as possible.

The couple is pushing Salvadoran authorities to broaden the scope of their investigation to include all of the members of the medical team that delivered their baby.

Do you know anyone who has had a similar experience? What do you think should be the doctor’s punishment if he is convicted of anything? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.