Mom Needs Proof Of Conversation Baby And Dog Are Having, What She Recorded Has Me In Stitches

Updated March 21, 2017

When it comes to viral videos, nothing is as cute as babies and dogs getting along together. They just share an unbreakable bond that is often stronger than what adults can get with their animals. Take the video below for instance. In it, you’ll watch a husky and a baby having a conversation. While the child makes relentless baby sounds, the dog howls, and barks in response.

Thankfully, mom was nearby to capture the moment and share it with all of us on YouTube. While we might never know if this dog and baby are actually communicating, it sure seems like they’ve got a good thing going.

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When the clip begins, mom pans the camera toward the hallway. We quickly hear the child, who is w-sitting, babbling endlessly while staring at the dog. Meanwhile, the husky is listening. And when a spot opens up in the conversational flow, he begins to howl.

The adorable duo go back and forth for the length of the video. They’re having so much fun talking with each other and mom is getting endless joy from just filming them.

Nearly a million people have watched this clip. Here are some of the most popular responses users like you have shared:

“They’re discussing the political situation and how much it actually does to them,” Shift said.

“The Dog is saying I got to go outside… And the baby is telling the Dog you just came back in 5 minutes ago!!!” Racing Roy said.

“Huskies are great with children. I can see how parents would be alarmed… but obviously, it’s a well-behaved, guard dog who protects and loves the baby. I think it’s ADORABLE!” wrote Dani Emm.

“It shows that babies and animals have more sense than humans. The dog knows it’s a baby and the baby really doesn’t know what it is the baby is actually mimicking the dog and the dog understands it’s nature now go near the baby.”

“Just came to see comments about how the dog was either annoyed, crying, or hurt by the baby making noise. I was not disappointed.”

While most viewers thought it was a cute video, the majority described the conversation as a back-and-forth mocking session.

Steven W. wrote, “1:35 it’s like the dog is passive-aggressively mocking the baby going ‘Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!’”

“I think the dog is saying O Would You Please Shut Up!!!!!” Sangreal Fam wrote.

“this dog is pleading to the master to tell this kid to stfu! lololo!” shared Curt Tery.

Marjoni Tipp wrote, “Sounds like there just mocking each other! totally cute! or the dog is saying please stop videotaping and get your kid lol.”

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