Mom Notices Family Acting Odd While Shopping In Supermarket, Takes Immediate Action

Updated October 4, 2017

The sight of it made her sad. Rachael Scott, a mother, happened to see a family browsing the food items at the grocery store. But instead of just putting what they wanted in the cart, she saw that they had to be very careful not to exceed their budget. Money was clearly tight and they were making sacrifices to survive. And that’s when Scott listened to a higher calling. She stepped in, introduced herself, and then encouraged them to buy whatever they wanted no matter the cost. She wanted to pay for their groceries.

Scott shared her Good Samaritan experience on Facebook to encourage others to be generous like her. She was in line waiting to pay for her own groceries, when she noticed the family in front of her going through their items. They were selecting which one they truly needed and what they only wanted. They could not afford to get what they wanted. They needed to focus on survival. And because they had a strict budget, they abandoned every item that they didn’t need and that wasn’t within their meticulous budget.

Scott felt herself called to do the right thing. And she wrote about it on her social media page.

“I felt the Lord say but it. Our family lives well and we have what we need and enough for extras. I didn’t have a clue what it would cost but I said yes Lord. I spoke up and said go ahead get those the Lord is paying for those extras today.”

As Scott went to complete the transaction, the other mother was shocked. She had not expected a blessing to come into her life like that. But she did not hesitate. She knew to accept the goodness that had unexpected come because it was an act of God.

“The mom just looked at me. I was trying to not make a big deal and just do it, but I saw one of the little girls wipe tears from her eyes and it almost broke me.”

Scott could hardly hold herself together as she swiped her credit card to pay for the poor family’s groceries. And when the deed was done, she smiled at them and expected nothing in return. She wasn’t doing it for praise or so the other woman could recognize how good of a Christian Scott was, but because it was a quiet call the Lord has asked her to complete.

“My kids were having a good old time because they KNEW they were getting the things they need and what they wanted as treats. Those children were watching anxiously not sure if they could get the things they wanted.”

Scott needed to change that. And because she had been blessed with extra money, she gave it to a family in need. Now she is shouting from the rooftops about what she did for the family at the grocery store. She hopes that her story will inspire more Christian charity among other families, especially those who are blessed with “a little extra.”