Mom Of Three Faces Backlash For Her Choice Of Outfits And Surgery She Got

Updated November 2, 2017

Plastic surgery and trendy fashion is no longer reserved for young people who are single and childless. These are part of the cultural norm throughout the world now and people of all ages are testing the limits of fashion and enhancing their looks with surgical procedures. However, while it is more widely accepted, there are still people who criticize those who engage in such activities.

One mom in Australia says that she faces daily criticism for her looks and the way that she dresses. 33-year-old Bella Vrondos is a glamour model, but also a mother. She wears clothing similar to what you see on reality star celebrity Kim Kardashian. She has also had breast implants. People are saying that since she spent money on surgery, and has a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories, she must not be spending a lot of money on her kids.

Bella says that other parents have told her that she dresses inappropriately for being a parent. They also tell her that she should be more modest when it comes to her sense of fashion. She says that there is no such thing as a “right way” for a parent to look.

The model and mom says that due to her appearance, society seems to view her differently. She told the Daily Mail that one stranger went as far as making an ad on Craigslist that said that Bella was an escort.

Bella says that people see her and give her a lot of judgment or say that she looks like a mean girl. She says that she really loves Kim Kardashian. She feels that Kardashian is classy, but also sexy. Kardashian is a mom of two with one on the way. She says that she loves fashion and she does her hair and makeup every day. She feels that while she certainly tests the limits of fashion, her attire and look is never distasteful. Bella added that she feels good about herself when she does her makeup and dresses up.

Bella has three kids and says that she had plastic surgery to restore her body. It is no secret that being pregnant several times can certainly change your body. She said she did not do it to look like a porn star, but to feel more confident with her body.

She says that being a mom does not mean that you have to give up your entire self. She further said that she wants to create awareness that you can be a mom and still be yourself. She loves wearing dresses, skirts and high heels and does not feel she should be forced to dress down just because she is a mom.

Bella remarked that her kids love how she looks and they do not want her to change. So, despite the harsh criticism that other people give her on a regular basis, she has no plans to change who she is or how she looks. She is confident, happy and loved by her children. This is truly all that matters to the mom and model.