Mom Orders Yoga Mat From Online, What She Gets Instead Has Her Calling 911

Updated October 5, 2017

A woman expecting to see a yoga mat when she opened a package delivered to her home was in for a crazy surprise.

It wasn’t a yoga mat at all, rather it was 20,000 pills. The discovery turned out to be $400,000 worth of illicit prescription opiate oxycodone. The South Carolina woman notified the Rock Hill Police Department immediately and turned over the package of pills for investigation.

Marvin Brown, commander for the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit, noted that each pill had a street value of $20, so the total contents of the package was worth $400,000.

The package was supposed to be delivered to the woman’s former address, which is currently a vacant apartment. Since no one resides there, the U.S. Postal Service forwarded the package to her new home.

Brown told WSOC-TV that these drug packages will be mailed to a vacant resident with someone available to get the package when it arrives. Similarly, they may have a package delivered to a home where no one is there during the day and they can swipe the package from the porch without anyone knowing.

Brown told the news station, “The dealers weren’t as intelligent as they thought they were.” The drugs are believed to be counterfeits pressed into pills from powder. The police are continuing their investigation into the matter.

A neighbor who was investigated for the new story remarked, “I’m shocked to hear that this happened in my neighborhood,” adding, “Being the mother of four boys, I would worry about one them retrieving a package, opening it up, having something like that in it, and not even realizing it, could pop it into their mouth, thinking it’s candy for Halloween.”

Many people weighed in with comments on the Jezebel Facebook post about the story, with one person joking: “Psshhh the only thing I ever get the mail is bills” and another adding, “god damnit, I need to get back into yoga”

The jokes rolled in on the ABC 7 Facebook post about this incident as well, with comments such as: “Where can one order this same yoga mat?? Asking for a friend,” “Somewhere out there is a drug dealer opening up a yoga mat lmao,” “Well she definitely got her money’s worth!” and “I’d like to start doing yoga, where do I order this from?”

Another person noted: “Ummmm the sender probably should be slapped with the stupidity stick, and go into hiding cause someone is waiting for that, and someone isn’t getting paid. Glad the receiver turned them in so they can be taken off the streets.”

One person commented: “This a good citizen…couldn’t be the first time it happens now you can only imagine how many times this has not been reported lol.”

Another commenter shared a similar story, though not quite the same street value involved, noting: “Some years ago I got a mason jar full of weed. I returned it to the mailman. It was my address but not my package.”

Another commenter had this good idea: “Wow. She should return if for a full refund!”