Mom Places What Looks Like A Sticker On Child’s Head, But Wait Until You See What It Can Do

Updated October 9, 2017

If you are a parent, then surely you know just how miserable it can be to have a sick child. It’s tough seeing your baby struggling to participate in the activities that he or she normally enjoys. As parents, we truly feel sad to see our kids sick.

But, what if there was something that made dealing with fevers a whole lot easier?

There is hope thanks to a product called “fever stickers.”

Determining if your child has a fever is the most common way to know that your child is truly ill and it is the first thing a doctor asks when you inquire about an illness. “Does he/she have a fever?”

With new thermometers that are easy to swipe across a child’s forehead, it’s fairly easy to get a proper reading, but the hard part is having to deal with continuously testing your child while they are trying to sleep. We all know that sleep and rest is the number one cure for getting better, but that’s hard to do when you have to constantly wake your peacefully sleeping babe up to check if they still have a fever.

It is for this reason, that a product called “fever stickers,” was recently endorsed by CNN host Lisa Ling. While fever stickers aren’t brand-new to the market, Ling’s testimony of the convenient stickers has caused them to be a big hit. Evidently, while Ling was traveling, her daughter got sick and came down with a fever. She discovered fever stickers, which are a simple sticker that you place on the child’s forehead to monitor the temperature. After placing a ladybug sticker on her daughter’s forehead, she gushed about the convenience of the amazing product.

On Facebook, Ling applauded the product, sharing the following review…

“Obsessed! These are going into my travel kit stat!”

Because Ling is a dedicated mom herself, and a world-class journalist, people were quick to believe her rave review, which is why the product is expected to be flying off the shelves in no time.

You can stock up now at Walgreen’s and Amazon. The 8-pack of stickers come in a variety of different shapes and characters for the reasonable price of $6.50. They are latex-free, hypoallergenic and can be placed on the child’s forehead, underarm or chest. The best part is that they are guaranteed to work and be accurate within one degree Fahrenheit and they last for 48 hours. When the dots on the stickers light up, you receive your fever reading. If the dot in the middle has an “N” then the child is normal and doesn’t have a fever.

While the fever stickers have received great reviews and they make for a convenient way to monitor a child’s fever, it’s best to check with a doctor if you think he/she may have more serious symptoms. Normal fever symptoms include muscle aches, shivering, sweating, chills, and dehydration. If a fever goes on for more than three days and vomiting is involved then that is a sign that a call to the doctor is the next step.