Mom Quickly Realizes Why Her Son Is Screaming After Being Changed In Public Bathroom

Updated March 14, 2017

Just when you think the world can’t get any crazier. Mom Hayley Turner spoke out about a prank that she and her baby fell victim to in hopes of alerting other parents about this danger.

It turns out, changing your baby in a public restroom can be hazardous and you should check the area thoroughly. Unfortunately, Turner found this out the hard way.

Turner and her son, Samuel, were shopping when she needed to use a bathroom diaper changing station to give him a fresh diaper. She, of course, didn’t think much about it, until she placed her son on the changing table and he started screaming.

She explained in a Facebook post about the incident: “I don’t normally post things like this but I’m guessing if it happened to me it could happen to someone else, so I thought I’d spread a little word of warning to prevent it happening in the future.”

She continued, “Today I changed Samuels’ nappy on a public changing mat, somewhere I trust to be a safe place. When I led him down he screamed. I dismissed it as him being tired, cold and grumpy so I changed him as quickly as possible so I could give him a cuddle and calm him down.”

She quickly discovered why he was so upset, explaining, “It turns out some lowlife scum thought it would be ‘fun’ to deliberately put drawing pins in the bottom of the changing mat.”

She added, “Our poor baby boy was led on pins!!! And because he isn’t old enough to tell me it hurt, he now looks like a pin cushion with 5 holes in total!”

Poor little guy! We can’t even imagine.

Turner’s story is a cautionary tale that you have to check the safety of everything before proceeding, as she posted photos that showed the push pins poking from the table. She noted, “Angry doesn’t even cover it. It’s quite sad to think this has to be done but my word of warning is to CHECK YOUR CHANGING MATS!”

Parents reading the post were appalled, of course, with one commenting: “Oh my god this is awful, and absolutely disgusting to think people would even do this to a baby. Poor little boy. I’m definitely going to be checking the changing mats in future now.”

Another noted: “Wow that is bad I hope u have reported this to the place it happened! Shocking! Goes without saying keep an eye on the pin pricks in case of infection. I’m speechless that some sick person would do that to a BABY changing mat!”

And another commenter stated: “That’s atrocious. Can’t quite believe what some humans do ‘for kicks’!!!”

As for an update from the mom after the incident, her son is okay. She wrote: “Thank you for your concern everyone. Samuel is fine and has since forgotten about the whole thing. His back is much less red now too. I on the other hand I’m just in shock that people can be so cruel. I’ve posted this not to name and shame but more to spread awareness as it certainly wasn’t something I would have thought of as a threat before today.”

The post was shared over 100,000 times and got some media coverage, so thankfully, the words of warning have been spread to other families.