Mom Sees Red Lines Inside Banana Her Toddler Just Ate, Rushes Her To The ER Just In Time

Updated July 20, 2017

When a U.K. family went grocery shopping, mom picked up a group of bananas just like every other time at their Morrisons supermarket. But when Lissa Melin’s 8-year-old daughter, Dionne, took a bite of the yellow fruit, her health quickly deteriorated. Melin remembered her daughter acting like her normal self, bouncing off the walls and laughing, all before she bit into the Morrisons banana. Her face soured and then she quickly became ill. Dionne had eaten bananas before, so her mom was shocked by the outcome. She couldn’t believe that her daughter’s health was thrown into question as she started to descend into the pit of sickness.

Curious about why a banana would make her daughter ill, Melin took a closer look at the tropical fruit. Then she saw the glaring problem hidden inside its core. There was a reddish black streak running along the center of the banana that her young daughter had overlooked while eating it.

The reddish streaks worried the cautious mother. Then she did a quick Google search and her worst fears were confirmed. Her daughter’s health was in question.

The store bought fruit contained the fungus Nigrospora in its core. And this is not good for the young girl’s health.

Melin began to freak out. She herded her increasingly sick daughter into the family car and then rushed her to the hospital. She was terrified that Dionne might not pull through.

But her fears were all for naught. Nigrospora does not cause lasting harm. But it does make one worry. The child was probably just imagining the symptoms. She has since been released from the hospital and has fully recovered.

Although the doctors told Melin that the red-cored banana was not something she had to worry about, the mother of the 8-year-old wants other parents to beware and check the fruit they buy twice.

“Another friend said she also found one of these not long ago from Morrisons,” Melin writes. “Maybe Morrisons need to do some more vigorous checking so children – or anyone for this matter – doesn’t eat one again.”

Not only do Melin and her friends get these red-cored bananas from Morrison, others have come forward to report their fruit tainted with Nigrospora.

“As I unpeeled the skin of my favorite fruit, I was slightly concerned about red veins that seemed to be running throughout,” Gemma Jaleel reports about a banana she bought from Lidl in Liverpool. “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before and very cautiously I decided to back away from the banana.”

That’s when a Morrisons representative came forward to apologize to Melin and all the others.

“We are sorry for Mrs. Melin’s daughter’s distress. This product did not meet our strict quality standards. However, we would like to assure her that it is a naturally occurring mold which is not harmful to humans.”

Many people think Melin is overreacting. They do not understand how a grocery store could see inside every banana for harmless mold.

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