Mom Shares Child’s Near Tragic Issue With Bathing Suits, Doctors Say It’s More Common Than You Think

Updated November 6, 2017

There are a lot of parental cautionary tales out there, but here’s a danger you probably never would have imagined: swim trunks.

Laura Collins is the mother of 5-year-old Jack Collins, who had an absolutely terrifying experience with swim trunks after swimming on vacation. She was unable to get his trunks off of him and he screamed in pain as she attempted it.

Collins told The Mirror: “He let out the most gut-wrenching scream I’ve ever heard; it’s a sound no mother should ever hear.”

So, what happened?

The inside mesh netting of the trunks posed the issue, as the little boy got caught in the mesh and his mother was unable to get him out. She had to ask the front desk at the hotel for scissors in hopes of cutting the material away but was advised to take the child to the hospital.

Once the child was there, doctors were able to give him an anesthetic before cutting the shorts off.

Thankfully, the boy was okay, though doctors did observe him following the incident to make sure he didn’t have any urinary tract issues. The hospital employees had seen a similar injury just weeks earlier.

Having experienced this scary incident first-hand, Collins hopes that parents will remove the netting from a child’s swim trunks to prevent another boy from getting hurt.

The maker of the trunks, Tesco, apologized for the incident and said they would look into the item further, explaining in a statement: “Whilst we will be conducting an investigation with the manufacturer we would like to assure our customers that our swimshorts meet the industry standards required for the mesh lining.”

Many people who commented on the story had a similar experience, with one person noting: “This also happened to my son – it was horrific !! Luckily he told me early and I had baby nail scissors to cut him free!!! Our shorts where from Mackays in the UK – why put mesh in the shorts in the first place?”

Other commenters noted: “My son has permanent scarring from the netting chapping his thighs…always cut that stuff out and have them wear underwear underneath” and “This happened to my son too! He was about 3 when it happened. I was able to eventually get the mesh off of him myself, but it was still horrible!!”

Another commenter explained: “It happened to my son (6years) two weeks ago after a day at the pool and we had to go to ER. We were in the car when he told me that something happened… Now, I go shopping for swimming trunks only at Target and Old Navy. They sell swimming trunks with a very dense mesh!!”

Still another shared this: “We had a few incidents with my younger son and swimming suit mesh – he was well over diaper age when it happened. I can promise, the hole wasn’t that large when it started. The mesh in these trunks is too large, so skin gets forced into the tiny holes, ever time, while moving around playing, more and more skin gets through until you have an emergency. Thankfully, we figured out the problem before anything this bad happened, and from then on, either looked for very, very fine mesh or cut it out, as suggested in the article.”