Mom Tells 1-Year-Old To Pretend To Be Her Hair Stylist. Her Response Has Me On The Floor

Updated May 15, 2017

When 25-year-old mom Kerry Robinson was hanging out with her 1-year-old daughter Jayde, they started playing hair salon. But little did mom know, but Jayde was already an expert – in the “salon talk” gossip!

In a Facebook video that has already gotten more than 15 million views since Robinson uploaded it, you can watch the adorable little girl and hair stylists in training doing what she does best – play with mom’s hair and talk smack like a veteran stylist.

Check out this adorable video below and see why the internet has fallen in love with Jayde.

Although Jayde is still in diapers, she has mastered the art of salon chatter. The video shows mom having her hair brushed by Jayde in the video. And during the clip, the duo gossip just like life-long salon buddies.

You can see Jayde brushing mom’s hair while they gossip about Jayde’s dad and some free Sea World tickets that were recently advertised.

“Can you believe he tried to ask me to get up first to get your breakfast? Girl, he crazy,” Robinson says in the video with a smile.

Jayde replies, “He crazy.”

Now there is video proof that mom and daughter are allied against dad. He can’t be too happy about that.

The clip shows the adorable toddler’s audacious facial expressions and her ability to repeat mom’s sentences in full. This is very advanced for a one-year-old. Most children don’t start using complete sentences until they are at least two. Not only is Jayde speaking beyond expectations, she is already a veteran hair stylist.

Robinson, who lives in San Antonio, Texas with her family, said that the funny salon talk started as a silly way to calm down Jayde – who is extremely active.

Robinson simply handed Jayde a brush, told her what to do and started talking. That’s where this adorable clip was born.

“We really just do this kind of stuff all the time, because her personality is so big,” she told ABC News. “Her dad has always talked to her like a normal adult. We never really did the baby talk. She’s really smart. She really repeats everything.”

The viral video clip has been included for you. Besides that we are sharing some popular comments from readers of Daily Mail. People around the world cannot get enough of this adorable little hair stylist.

“Guuuuuurl this is too cute. When can I make my appointment?” wrote one reader from upstate New York.

“Oh, my goodness!!! She is so cute! Awesome example of that strong bond between a mother and a daughter,” wrote another viewer.

“This is the sweetest video! I love it! Adorable!!! She should post more!!! How sweet!” shared a reader from the U.S.

“They need to get this girl into acting classes. Her facial expressions are too precious,” suggested another.

Are you impressed with the way Jayde speaks and does hair? Should this little girl keep practicing her skills?

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