Mom Thinks It’s Her Kid’s Hand Print On The Wall, But The Truth Is Much More Sinister

Updated September 1, 2017

What would you do if you thought your home was haunted?

Joanne Gallagher, of Coatbridge, Scotland, recently shared her belief that her house is haunted by a child ghost who leaves behind proof of his existence.

Joanne believes that the ghost, named “Benny,” is the cause of some strange happenings in her house, but it’s the black handprints the spirit leaves behind on her daughter’s bedroom walls that has her especially shaken.

While cleaning her daughter Aimee’s room, she saw some “black dusty” hand marks on the wall, but doesn’t believe they were left by her daughter, who was away at the time.

Instead, she believes they were left by Benny, who has communicated with the family in the past.

With a bit of research, Joanne discovered that a young man hanged himself under the stairs before they moved in and she has a “bad feeling” about the home.

Joanne told The Mirror about finding the handprints: “It really freaked me out because they just appeared. On the Friday before Aimee was due home, I was cleaning her room when I noticed them.”

She added: “They were behind her door, but I would have noticed them if they had been there the day before because of their prominent position.”

Joanne explained that “Aimee was in Lanzarote with her father at the time and wasn’t due back until the next day,” so it wasn’t possible for her daughter to put the marks on the door.

She futher noted: “I have had past experiences with spirits. I suppose some people would say I’m sensitive to spirits – for example my grandma – and the house does have a general eeriness.”

As for the discovery about Benny’s story, she explained, “I’ve looked into the house and things since then and my friend told me she knew the family living in the house before I moved in. Apparently their young son – he was in his late teens or early 20s – hanged himself under the stairs.”

Joanne noted, “I can just feel a ghostly presence. The handprints were made of a black dusty substance. They wiped away easily and there hasn’t been anything there since. There’s no way I could have missed them earlier in the week.”

The handprints aren’t the only ghostly occurrence in the home, as she explained: “One night a few months ago, I was lying in my bed and my son was out at his girlfriend’s house. I was sleeping and I heard someone whispering ‘mummy, mummy.’” She added, “Because I wasn’t fully awake, I thought it was my own child and the next minute I felt someone put pressure on my shoulder. I just shouted ‘please stop it, you’re scaring me’ and it stopped.”

Joanne also explained, “It was a child’s voice speaking out to me and I automatically thought it was Aimee because I wasn’t properly awake. That’s how she wakes me up. I didn’t tell Aimee because I think it would have scared her to be honest. She’s only eight.”

Her kids have also seen a female ghost in one area of the home, noting: “The house has quite a big open space at the top of the stairs and the kids claim they’ve seen a woman with dark hair peering from there.”

As for Benny, she noted, “On another night, my daughter woke up crying saying she had seen a little boy in her dream and his name was Ben. On the same night I took the picture of the handprints, a lady gave me a private reading and said she felt there was a little boy in my home named Benny.”