Mom Thought Vile Secret Was Safe, But It Gets Exposed; Locals Give Her The Nickname ‘Satan’

Updated September 29, 2017

A Texas mother was arrested after police determined that she was starving her children to raise money online for the treatment of a fake illness.

28-year-old Katelyn Christina Carnline starved her children to make them appear ill and went so far as to claim that her 4-month-old baby had a rare genetic disorder. As you can imagine, as Carnline shared images of her “sick” children on the fundraising website, donations started pouring in.

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Besides lying about her baby’s genetic problem, she claimed her older child was dying of cancer. Good Samaritans from around the country began sending in donations to help pay for the expensive treatments.

The YouCaring page that Carnline created raised $2,000, which were supposed to go toward “medical expenses.”

The fundraising page has since been shut down. But when it was live, Carnline appealed to the open heart of Good Samaritans everywhere. She told the internet that her baby had been diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder, Inborn Errors of Metabolism. This severe condition can delay a child’s development because the little one’s body struggles to turn food into energy. But if the baby is not getting food in the first place, what energy is there to create?

To make her children appear sickly, Carnline chronically underfed them. Besides starving her children, the Texas mom also shaved her older child’s head to make it appear that the child was suffering from cancer. Both of the sickly-looking children had their images plastered on the internet to raise money for mom.

Not only did Carnline lie to the internet about her children, she fooled doctors into thinking they were sick. She told doctors that her baby experienced seizures. This prompted doctors to operate on the child more than once.

The Texas mother has been charged with exploiting and causing serious bodily injury to a child.

Now that her children are with other family members, they are recovering and are expected to be completely healthy.

While Carnline created the YouCaring fundraisers for her children, she is also the organizer for another one that is still live on the internet.

She is seeking $10,000 for David Karn’s medical expenses.

In the fundraising ask, Carnline wrote: “David has been diagnosed with Stage 2 renal cancer along with a ton of other on going medical issues! He and Cindy could use all the help they can get to keep the medical bills at bay as well as keeping their van going that is used to transport Dave back and forth to his appointments!”

Do you think this one is fake too? Is so, you can expect police to shut it down in a matter of days.

So far, the fundraiser for David Karn has raised about $500. Although Carnline is looking to cash in on $10,000 from anonymous donors, now that her lies have been exposed, this might be shut down soon.

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