Mom Threatens To Post Video Online. When She Finally Does, She’s Blindsided By The Response

Updated May 17, 2017

Two women dining at a restaurant got some advice from the establishment’s manager, but it didn’t go over so well.

The women, two sisters, had several young children with them when they ate lunch at the diner. The manager tried to calmly talk with them about the kids’ behavior.

The manager is seen in a video the woman posted, trying to discuss the behavior of the children. The women allowed the kids to run around the restaurant and be disruptive and noisy, without any attempts to get them to stop.

The manager wanted to politely address this since it was distracting for other diners, but one of the women was not happy with the manager’s comments.

He asked if the women wouldn’t better control the children, which isn’t too much of an out-there request since it’s basic dining etiquette.

The woman’s sister filmed the exchange, with the one doing the talking believing she should have a free meal because the manager was so rude to her.

She further unloaded on the man, saying that he was disrespecting them as mothers and that their restaurant wasn’t representing a family establishment very well.

He remains calm, saying, “We have other customers in here and you have to consider that as well. I don’t know what else I can say. I’m sorry for upsetting you.”

She responds, “I’m very upset and you can do something about this because if you don’t fix this, I’m going to call whoever is your supervisor.”

He notes that he’ll give her the number and apologizes, saying, “I didn’t come over here to upset you.”

She continues to carry on, getting more heated as she says that he made her family “feel incredibly unwelcome in your restaurant simply for having children under the age of 5 who make noise.”

When she demands a free meal, he’s not having it, and she explains the video is “going all over the internet.”

The video, uploaded to YouTube, didn’t get much sympathy from viewers, who believe she was completely in the wrong in the situation. One commenter noted: “’This is going all over the internet.’ Congratulations you played yourself.” Another added: “Famous for being a complete bitch and entitled mama. Well done love!”

Still another person commented: “I’m willing to bet that this isn’t going how this woman imagined it would.”

Others called her out, writing: “You posted a video that makes you look like a piece of garbage and called it ‘Rude Manager.’ Am I the only one that finds this f**king hilarious?” and “Rude customer more like. Unbelievable.”

One commenter zeroed in on one particular thing the mother said, writing: “‘Im sure you smack your children’ what an ignorant woman. Disciplining your children doesn’t have to involve violence of any kind. But it is your damn job as a mother to teach your children to behave in public and not act like little untamed monkeys. I swear a good 85% of the population shouldn’t be allowed to procreate…”

Another offered this advice: “Hey lady. If you take your kids into an area where everyone is trying to eat and have conversations, it is your duty as a parent to keep your kids from being overly loud. It’s not fair that everyone around you can’t enjoy their meal because you don’t know how to teach your kids what it means to have manners and consider others in public.”