Mom Tries To Tell Baby What To Do. How Puppy Reacts Has Me In Stitches [video] : AWM

Mom Tries To Tell Baby What To Do. How Puppy Reacts Has Me In Stitches [video]

It’s a known fact that toddlers have temper tantrums. And if you are a parent then surely you’ve witnessed your tot punching and kicking the air with a red face while shouting completely irrational words. It’s part of parenting and believe it or not, you eventually get used to it. Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away from a kid who is sprawled out in a department store flailing around on the ground like a fish out of water.

Chances are they are upset because their mom or dad won’t buy them that toy that they have their little heart set on. Or, there could really be no reason at all for the tantrum. Witnessing a toddler’s tantrum is like watching a tornado tear through a town. Soon, after the force of the tornado passes, there is actually calm again…as if nothing happened at all. Ahhh…the perks of parenting.

But, who says temper tantrums are just for toddlers?

One puppy bulldog evidently wants us to know that pups don’t ┬álike being told what to do either. In the adorable video captured below, you can witness it for yourself. When the mama bulldog is going about her business, sniffing her baby’s bum while trailing behind him, the puppy doesn’t seem to mind at first. And then, something must set the little one off because she unleashes on her mama, complete with screeches, grunts and paw punches directed right at the mama’s snout.

When the mama nuzzles into her baby in what looks like an attempt to console him, the babe wants no part of it and continues to let out choppy little barks. This little guy is going to have one strong head on his puppy shoulders and it’s doubtful that anyone will be bossing him around in the near future, considering he is only a few days old and he’s already exhibiting this type of firm behavior.

It’s a good thing the little guy is cute.

Some commenters took a gander at what the pup was saying while he was going off on his tangent…

“Elvis: Go away mom! Don’t touch me!! (Mom moves away) Mom?…mom!!! Don’t go away! Don’t touch me but don’t go away! He’s so freaking cute!!!”

“Puppy: Mama, please give me my FIVE FEET. You are all up in my space!!”

Sounds a lot like the hot and cold relationship that a toddler can have with a parent. One minute they are your best friend and the next they want nothing to do with you.

And others thought the pup was showing signs of being a grumpy teenager…

“Funny…the pup doesn’t LOOK like a teenager, but he sure “talks” to his momma like he’s one!! lol”

And maybe little Mr. Independent has simply had enough of his mommy clinging to him…

“HELICOPTER MOM lol…pup is having NO part of her hover-parenting.”

It’s pretty safe to say that bulldog puppies are amongst the cutest pups around. There’s just something about those squishy faces and stout bodies.