Mom With 10 Kids From 5 Men Wants 50 Grandchildren Just So She Gets More Money From Welfare

Updated April 6, 2017

Having to live on welfare is not ideal for most people, as they struggle to make ends meet to pay bills and provide food for their family. For one British woman, however, she has learned how to make the most of the welfare system.

And she does it with 10 children from five different fathers.

Mandy Cowie is a 49-year-old single mother who believes that if she has 50 grandchildren, she will continue to see more government benefits and become the biggest benefits family in Great Britain. Those are some interesting goals.

She’s been living on welfare for over 30 years now and is encouraging her children to do the same. Cowie noted, “Ten kids and full of tattoos, mate,” adding, “So what if I’m on the effing dole, mate. Don’t like it, eff off. I had my first one at 18 and my last one at 36, and I’ve told them I want 50 grandkids before I die.”

So…there’s that.

She currently has 16 grandchildren and was featured on Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family, which profiles families who take pride in living off of government benefits.

If you need more fuel to add to the fire, Cowie admitted that she buys her 13-year-old daughter cigarettes when she behaves well and allows her to drink alcohol at home.

She further explained, “People may be shocked that I’ve been on benefits for so long, but I don’t care.” She added, “I can’t work because of the kids, and while the pregnancies weren’t planned, I love having a big family.”

Cowie continued, “I probably wouldn’t get a job that would pay as much as I get now anyway. People might judge, but if it’s there on offer, who wouldn’t take it?”

Seven of her children have moved out, but three still live with her. She also collects disability benefits for a son, as well as jobseekers’ allowance, child tax credits, and child benefits.

Her 24-year-old daughter is clearly following mom’s lead, as she explained, “I’m still with the baby’s dad, but he doesn’t live at my house. People say he lives there, but he doesn’t. If we were to live together, our benefits would get stopped, so we might as well be together and live in different houses.”

Commenters on the Daily Mail story were, to say the least, unimpressed, with comments such as: “how sad,” “class act,” “delightful,” and “It’s people like this who give the genuinely needy a bad name.”

Others had some pretty straightforward ideas for the woman, including: “Cut her benefits and put her to work.”

Still, others found some major fault with the system, with one noting: “Job seekers allowance for someone who doesn’t seem to want to work!” and “Child benefit for 2 kids and no more – simple.”

Another perfectly stated it: “Responsible people who work have to decide if they can afford to have children. Yet the British system rewards the least responsible for breeding. Something is wrong. You should never get more in total benefits than you would get from working full time at minimum wage.”