Mom With Giant Baby Bump Thinks She’s Having Twins, Ultrasound Reveals News No One Saw Coming

Updated September 26, 2017

Expecting a child is an amazing thing. Births are one of the last miracles on earth. The process is amazing every time. For that reason, I envy the doctors fortunate enough to work with pregnant moms and the newborn babies. While not every pregnancy and birth goes smoothly like it does in the textbook, complications do arise, sometimes good surprises come as well. That’s what happened for Danielle Thrasher in March 2017. With her partner Joseph by her side, they went into the ultrasound appointment knowing that they were expecting a child. Danielle’s baby bump was just too big to ignore, so big in fact, they thought they were having twins. It was a miracle for Danielle and Joseph. They had been trying for two long and tiring years. And finally Danielle got pregnant and they realized their wish was coming to fruition…

Just six weeks into her pregnancy, Danielle learned that she was expecting twins. Her eyes collected tears and she wept for joy. Although it was a beautiful surprise, it was not shocking, because both Danielle and Joseph have twins in their families. Danielle’s brothers are both twins, and twins seem to run in families.

A week after learning about the twins, Danielle went to the doctor again for another checkup. But during that ultrasound, Danielle and Joseph got another surprise. Danielle wasn’t having twins, she was having triplets. The couple couldn’t believe their good fortune.

“We were in shock and excited all at once,” Danielle said. “How were we ever going to be able to raise three precious babies God has blessed us with? After a couple of weeks of praying and praying, we were finally able to feel confident and ready to tackle this amazing journey God had started for us. The doctor told us to keep the triplets quiet for now to make sure things worked out OK. We followed the doctor’s orders and just announced that we were expecting. Everything seemed to be going well.”

As the weeks passed, Danielle’s baby bump grew. And during her three-month doctor’s visit, she went in again for a routine appointment to close out her first trimester. Pregnancy had been an amazing experience for her despite having multiple babies growing inside her body.

But during that visit, when she had another ultrasound, the technician didn’t know what to say. He looked very confused and called the doctor in.

Danielle was growing worried. She asked what was wrong.

“I hate to tell you this, but…”

At the appointment, Danielle said, “‘WHAT?! Four?!’ I turned to Joseph and stammered ‘How are we going to do this?’ His response was so quick that I felt so reassured. ‘What’s one more baby, honey? We will do this together!’”

Danielle wasn’t having triplets… she was pregnant with quadruplets. This is a very rare natural occurrence. It happens about once every 500,000 to 700,000 times.

“My job doesn’t provide paid pregnancy leave or short-term disability. Joseph will be the sole provider for us. I’ve applied for government assistance and have been denied.”

Because having quadruplets is super expensive, Thrasher set up a GoFundMe account to get some support from her community.