Mom’s Gut Tells Her To Stop And Investigate Cooler On Side Of Road. Good Thing She Listened

Updated July 24, 2017

We just found a story about some abandoned puppies and the kind hearted woman who saved their lives, and we had to share it with you.

A Texas woman was driving down the road when she saw a perfectly good plastic cooler on the side of the road. Never one to pass up a good thing, she pulled over to pick it up, and what she discovered inside will break your heart. But read on, because the story is wonderful.

When the unidentified motorist opened the cooler, she found nine puppies stuffed inside. Someone had stuffed them in the cooler and left it on the side of the road for them to die.

Luckily, she had found them in time. Even though they were covered in their own filth and had nothing to eat or drink, they were all alive, thankfully.

She immediately called the Sulphur Springs Animal Control Department, who promptly dispatched a veterinarian to the scene.

Dr. Karri McCreary showed up and jumped into action. ”I just drove over there and got them. They were still in the cooler. Someone must have stopped and found the cooler almost as quickly as they were dropped off there or else they would not have made it. And these aren’t like Chihuahua puppies. These look like German Shepherd puppies.”

Luckily, after further examining them, McCreary determined they were all healthy despite how they were discovered. “The puppies are strong and playful, and they’re healthy,” McCreary said. And once all nine puppies get all their medical care and vaccinations, she plans on finding them loving homes with families who will give them a life free of neglect and abuse.

We absolutely love dogs around here and the thought of what these little guys fate might have been without the aid of these wonderful people sends shivers down our collective spines. This got us to thinking about what is next for the pooches and the millions more like them at shelters around the country. We think if you don’t have a dog, it might be a good time to open your family up to one now.

If You’re Considering Adopting a Dog:
Loyal and loving, dogs are social animals who thrive on being upstanding members of their families.
If there are young children in your home, a puppy may not be your best bet. You may want to consider adopting a medium-sized dog over five months of age.
It is a good idea to draw up a schedule of who in the family will help with the care of your new dog, including walking, playing, feeding and grooming.
Don’t forget to have your new friend spayed or neutered.

Preparing Your Home for a New Dog
Whether it’s tightly sealing your garbage cans or paying attention to dangerous decorations during the holidays, you’ll need to make your home safe before adopting. That includes keeping toxic foods, pet-unfriendly plants and dangerous household items out of paw’s reach.
Put a cozy bed for your pet in every room. Pets are much more likely to keep off of furniture if they have attractive alternatives.
Avoid vertical blinds, pooling drapery, ornate tassels and long cords that can become strangulation hazards.
It may be a good idea to roll up and store decorative rugs until your new dog is fully house-trained.
Use dog crates and gates to confine your new dog when home alone until his house manners earn him unsupervised freedom.
Provide plenty of “legal” things for your dog to chew. If he has attractive toys and bones of his own, he’ll be much less likely to gnaw on your things!
Check to make sure that plants in and around your home are not poisonous to pets.

Have you ever helped rescue a stray dog before? Share your experience with us here.