Mom’s Post On Facebook Gets Her Fired Before She Even Starts Her First Day

Updated August 30, 2017

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to remain anonymous and hide from people we don’t want to see. With social media at our fingertips, we have the ability to track down old friends or enemies. And in order to keep up with the goings on in the world, you practically have to be connected to social media outlets or you will be left behind on world gossip.

So, while this connectivity allows us to stay involved with our pals from the past, it can be destructive if we use it wrong. When employers are deciding on potential candidates, they tend to scour social media to see what their future employees are up to, so it’s always best to share cautiously and only post things that your really want others to see because once something is out there on the internet, it is permanent. It’s not like those words can be erased.

Single mom, Kaitlyn Walls is a perfect example of someone who shared a bit too much and used Facebook for the wrong reasons. She had been struggling to find a job, so when she finally did, she was pretty happy, but evidently not happy enough. Walls decided to share just a little too much about how she felt about her new job.

On her first day of work she shared the following post…

“I start my new job today. But I absolutely hate working at day care. I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

Let’s just say that she was contacted by her employer almost immediately and fired on the spot. But, how can you blame her employer?

Who really wants to hire someone who openly admitted that they hate where they are going to work and what kind of parent wants to find out that a daycare worker who hates children has been hired. The employer could lose a lot of respect if they kept her onboard.

Walls admits that she has learned her lesson since the all-too-honest post.

“I had all these girls attacking me because I don’t want to be around a lot of kids all the time. I actually cried. It really hurt me because I wasn’t trying to offend anybody ever,” said Walls. “It really was a big mistake. I don’t hate children, no not at all, I have my own, she’s beautiful I love her. I was just venting.”

So, the lesson in this story is to never, ever post something about your employer and if you are questioning if you should post something, the best thing to do is just keep quiet and don’t post anything at all. All it took was these too sentences, and Walls life changed forever. Her story became well-known and she is now used as an example of “what not to post online.” Maybe they should teach classes in high school and college on what to share and what not to share online while job hunting.

Commenters shared their thoughts on Miss Walls big mistake…

“Probably a good thing for the children she did post that. Who would want someone taking care of their young children who hates kids?”