Mom’s Unique Way To Punish Child For Breaking The Rules Is Causing Controversy

Updated November 3, 2017

Punishing your child can be one of the biggest challenges of parenting and it’s often a bitter subject between people because there is a fine line between what is too harsh and too easy. It is for this reason, that punishments are often the cause of fights between mom and dad.

One mom has stirred up a bit of controversy after she posted her son’s punishment for using his phone after bedtime. Because playing on the phone after bedtime is a big no-no, this mom decided she would get creative in the boy’s punishment.

The boy was grounded as soon as he committed the crime, but in order to become “un-grounded,” he was told that he would have to earn five hundred points. Possible ways to earn the points were listed on a chart and shared on “MagicMum’s” Facebook page.

The official note read the following:

You got grounded!!!
To get rid of your penalty, you must earn ___500_____ points.

Offense: _____ Playing on the mobile phone after bedtime _____.”

The boy had quite a few options to choose from, including writing a nice letter to a family member for 10 points, doing one load of laundry for 100 points, cooking dinner for 50 points, sweep and mop the kitchen for 30 points, water plants for 10 points, dust the living room for 25 points, clean the bathroom for 50 points, wash counters for 25 points, clean microwave for 40 points, organize a kitchen cupboard for 50 points, load or empty the dishwasher for 25 points each, take out the trash for 10 points per garbage bag, clean and vacuum the living room for 30 points, clean the litter box for 10 points, and wash the windows for 10 points.

It’s obvious that this mom wasn’t taking the punishment lightly and the boy would have to do a lot of chores to earn his 500 points. If not, he would remain grounded.

In response to the Facebook comment, “Too harsh or just about right?” people had a whole lot to say.

One commenter made a good point when she said that the punishment was too harsh, especially since mommy probably plays on her phone after bedtime. Snap!

Several other commenters felt that the punishment fit the crime and household chores are not a harsh penalty for doing something that the boy knew that he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

“Harsh, I can’t believe anyone would think this was harsh…kids must learn to respect the rules,” one commenter said.

“A harsh punishment will keep your kid away from a harsh sentence. Parents are so overprotective these days. Kids need to be taught respect and if you can’t teach it, demand it,” another commenter said.

The post really has parents thinking about the way they discipline, which is why the post quickly went viral, drumming up 375,000 shares and 23,000 opinionated comments.

While the opinions sparked heated debates, the responses seemed to be divided right down the middle, with half feeling that the punishment was too harsh and the other half believing that it fit the crime.

When it comes down to it, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to the question, as everyone is entitled to their different parenting styles, as long as it doesn’t border on abuse.