Montel Williams On Viral Video Of Thugs Who Beat Disabled Man: “Life in prison, no parole.”

Updated January 17, 2017

Television host and motivational speaker Montel Williams has spoken out on the horrific assault committed by four young people against a special needs student that was broadcast on Facebook live.

Williams enjoys broad respect for his positive outlook and message of taking personal responsibility in one’s life, as well as the responsibilities we have to each other as fellow citizens and human beings. A twenty year veteran of the US Navy before he became a public figure, he has worked very hard to change the tone and timbre of some very serious conversations our country needs to have. And you are going to love what he has to say about this despicable act of violence.

In a scathing Facebook post targeted at the four Chicago youths accused of the kidnap and torture of a special needs youth, Montel Williams provided no quarter, saying:

“Life in prison. No parole. I’m not interested in whether these kids had a tough life, whether their parents loved them enough, I don’t care. Whether this is a hate crime is a distraction and irrelevant. This is the cold-blooded torture of an innocent human being. That’s bigger than a hate crime, it’s bigger than racism (saying f*ck white people is racist by definition), it’s bigger than politics. Life in prison, no parole. If you can do this to another human being once, you can’t be trusted to not do it again. My prayers go out to the young man in this disgusting video.”

Since posting the statement on Thursday, his comment has literally ignited the internet and social media, being shared by countless websites and across Facebook and other social media sites.

But Montel Williams did not stop there. Seeing that a broader point needs to be made about how we treat each other in this country, on Saturday he released a brief video clip with the following important message:

“I thought I might take just a minute to amplify what I’m talking about, when I say that this Chicago crime was a crime against humanity. Let’s remember that yes it is a hate crime, and most people are thinking about that because of race, but this was a person who was less than fully capable as the rest of us. I don’t want to use the term handicapped, but that’s what we say. This young man was differently abled, and one of the least of us. And let’s also remember while we are thinking about this, that there’s a movement afoot to take away care from people like him by completely destroying the Affordable Care Act. Let’s remember people like him need that as protection, and need that protection expanded. So while we talk about inhumanity, let’s remember the least of us.”

And to make sure people understand exactly where he stands, Williams released another comment on Facebook, saying

“This is a serious crime, the hate crime, the racism is almost irrelevant in light of the cold blooded torture of another human being, that’s on a whole different level, and the fact this young man is differently abled and was unable to fight back is the final straw justifying the most serious punishment available under the law. Plenty of people grow up in the hood, myself included, the notion that’s an excuse for torturing another human being disgusts me.”

Montel Williams is letting everyone know that we are all responsible to, and for, each other, something that many of us have forgotten in recent times.