More Than 70,000 People Have Paid $1 To Place Post-It Note On Pizza Shop Wall. Here’s Why

Updated April 10, 2017

Every day, Rosa’s Free Pizza shop sells piping hot pizza pies to its loyal base of clientele. But as the name suggests, the place doesn’t just give pizzas to people who can pay for them – it also serves the homeless population of Philadelphia that does not have enough money to buy food.

Although Rosa’s only charges other customers just a $1 per slice, they are still able to make a profit and give away some of their pizza for free. The idea started when a man walked in and asked the owner, Mason Wartman, for a favor while he was servicing other paying customers…

The man asked Wartman if he could pay for a slice of pizza in advance. Wartman, who had been in the pizza business for a while, was confused. He’d never heard of someone building up pizza credit to eat a slice later.

But then Wartman started listening to the man.

He told the owner of the pizza place that he was inspired by the Italian coffee shop called caffe sospeso (suspended coffee), which allows customers to pre-purchase cups of coffee for homeless people who can’t afford it.

The generous customer wanted to pay forward for a slice of pizza for a homeless person. The man didn’t know if Wartman ever had people coming in asking for food, but he said that if he did, he wanted his $1 to go to paying for that person’s lunch.

Wartman was moved by the man’s ingenious idea. He wrote the purchase on a Post-it note and put it on the wall near the register.

As if by the grace of God, a homeless man walked into the pizza joint not long after the man had prepaid for the slice. With a smile on his face, Wartman gladly handed over the pay-it-forward pizza slice.

The news about Rosa’s Free Pizza spread across Philadelphia like wildfire. People started coming in and donating their spare change to help pay for a meal for a homeless person.

Now the walls of the pizza place are covered in colorful Post-it notes. In fact, Rosa’s has already served more than 70,000 slices of pizza to people who cannot afford to buy one.

Because the generosity has spread to a point where he can’t keep up, Wartman no longer requires homeless people to pick up a Post-it note for a slice. But he keeps them on the walls a reminder about how generous the people in Philadelphia are.

As Wartman’s generosity went viral, Wartman was invited onto numerous television shows including Ellen.

Watch the video below to see how it works and how Wartman is helping the homeless.

“Gorgeous human being, inside and out,” Nadian Thesky wrote.

Jewel Q wrote, “Aww he has such a big heart!”

“When your mom is proud and brought to tears You did all right!” wrote one viewer.

Gerald Durling wrote, “He’s a 1000x the man than any millionaire!”

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