Mosquitoes Always Bite Me More Than My Friends, But I Had No Idea THIS Is The Reason Why…

Updated July 25, 2016

The only possible thing that can dampen the mood on a beautiful summer night is a swarm of mosquitos. And if you’re the one of the bunch who always seems to get bitten more than your friends, you’ll be especially wary of spending any time outdoor without bug spray. During the summer, bug spray is like an extension of my body. I am always sure to keep a bottle nearby.

But did you know that a number of biological factors contribute to the undeniable mosquito attraction? You’re not just unlucky after all. Scroll down to discover the most common reasons mosquitoes bite you more than your friends.

The amount of lactic acid you’re producing is the most common reason mosquitos are attracted to you. The more in your system, the more mosquitos will love to suck your blood. If anyone’s every told you that bugs like to bite you because you have “sweet blood”, they’re not so far off.

If you’ve got beads of perspiration, or sweat, on your skin, it’s like a calling card for those blood suckers. But mosquitoes are most attracted to older sweat. So make sure to wipe away the residue frequently.

Another key factor in attracting mosquitos is the kind of bacteria on your skin. Staphylococcus and Variovorax are two types of bacteria that live on your skin that attract pests. On the other hand, Pseudomonas, Delftia, Leptotrichia, and Actinobacteria are bacteria that actually repel mosquitos!

While you can’t change your blood type, the fact remains that people with type O blood are most likely to get bitten followed by those with B then A. That’s something you can’t help, but will certainly make you more or less attractive to bugs.

Our carbon dioxide emissions also attract mosquitos. Those that breathe heavier will more likely get bitten by mosquitos. The insects are attracted to the release of carbon dioxide since it means there is a warm-bodied host nearby.

Are you someone who always gets bit by mosquitoes? Do you know someone like this?

Why do you think you’re getting bitten by mosquitos?

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