Most Humans Use Only 10% Of Their Brain. Quiz Will Tell You What Percentage You Use

Updated February 28, 2017

Playbuzz has uploaded a quiz that claims “you are a genius if you get 9/9”. Because the challenge asks you to think outside the box and beyond your preconceived notions, it is difficult for most people to do.

Thousands have already taken the quiz and the vast majority are disappointed. But what about you? Do you have what it takes to be better than the masses? Can you excel at this quiz and get all of the answer correct?

Below, you’ll find the quiz. Play it and see how you do. Then share your results in the comments!

For those smart enough to “use more than 10% of your brain”, Playbuzz rewards you with the following message:

“You are a genius. Only 0.01% of the population use more than 10% of their brain. You are curious, sharp, and highly intelligent, and you don’t take anything for granted. You are highly resourceful and ambitious, and have the potential to become a successful artist, politician, or entrepreneur. You are an aspiring go-getter, yet you value getting along with others, and therefore are considerate, kind, generous, trusting, and trustworthy. Albert Einstein once said: ‘Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.’”

If you score less than perfect, you’ll get this message:

“Like most people, you use 10% of your brain. You shouldn’t worry about it. It means you are an abstract thinker with an open mind. You appreciate art, emotion, and adventure. You are inquisitive and unbiased, and your unusual ideas continuously nourish your intellectual curiosity. You are quick to understand things, and you take your time to reflect on what interests you.”

If you are dissatisfied with your score, you can improve your lot in life and strive toward becoming a genius. According to a post on, you can become a genius if you accept that “you’re capable of becoming a genius.”

The writer continues: “There’s a popular misconception that you’re either born a genius or you’re not. Nobody has any proof of this.”

So, if people are not necessarily born a genius, then what do we need to do next to become one? The same article says that we must accept our ignorance. After you’ve accepted that you have room for improvement (even if you are considered a genius), it is time to develop your plan to achieve genius status.

“You’re not going to be able to wander through life aimlessly, casually doing the things you feel inspired or hungry to do and hope to make the most out of your mind or subsequently your life.

“You need a written, step by step plan.”

Geniuses never stop learning. If Albert Einstein was not born a genius, he certainly made himself into one. How? By reading books, conducting “though experiments” and growing his mind. The more we examine and understand alternative perspectives, the smarter we are.

Take the quiz below! Do you use more of your brain than most humans?