Most People Only Know Him As The Friendly Walmart Employee. But His Mission Outside Of Work? AMAZING

Updated July 15, 2016

According to statistics on Business Insider from 2010, Walmart employs 1 percent of the American working population. That means more than 2.1 million people get a paycheck from Walmart every week. If you’ve never worked at Walmart, then you probably know someone who has or does.

In today’s world it’s a rare sight to find a teenager working to save for college. It’s probably because of the upcoming “entitlement generation” but while most kids might not care about their future, there is a certain minority who care deeply about living a better life.

When you meet 18-year-old Kristopher Hudson, you’ll see someone with an unparalleled passion for life. He holds a summer job at Walmart and he’s saving for college. But that’s not the best part. Kristopher believes that everyone deserves to be happy and everyone deserves an education. That’s why he is…

Five days every week, Kristopher is found helping customers find what they need at the Walmart in Bryant. But he’s not just using his paycheck to pay for his own college tuition. Kristopher is using his job at Walmart to pay it forward and help other kids in his community get the education they want too.

Kristopher is about to start his college education. It is a dream come true. But his summer job at Walmart is so much more than just stocking shelves and taking home a paycheck.

“I like to interact with the customers,” Kristopher says in the video below. “I like to ask if there’s any questions that they have. Or if they have a problem, I’d like to try to solve that for them.”

…That’s why Kristopher Hudson is dedicated to giving back to others.

When Kristopher gets the paycheck from Walmart every week, he uses some of the money to buy school supplies to donate to children in need. He buys the supplies at the Walmart store that employs him and then drops them off in the education-drive buckets at the front of the store. He does this all with his own money.

“I got $66 and I bought 309 items with that money,” he says.

When people like Kristopher get it in their minds to help, a little bit of cash can go a long way to making the world a much better place.

Because Kristopher is donating to the education drive, he is inspiring other employees to do it too. Ty McCollum an assistant manager at Kristopher’s store noticed the 18-year-old donating school supplies. Ty decided to follow the college student’s lead and do some good himself.

“By him doing it, others start to be like, ‘well you know, Kristopher has done this so maybe I can chip in two or three dollars and help out,” Ty says.

But why does Kristopher do it? He knows that his generosity would have made his mom proud. His mother always told him to encourage others. And by donating school supplies, Kristopher knows he is encouraging needy children to get the education they deserve.

“The best feeling you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone out,” Kristopher said.

Kristopher’s generosity is worth so much more than his Walmart paycheck.

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