Most People Who See Video Of Previously Deaf Baby Hear Mom’s Voice For First Time Cry [watch]

Updated March 30, 2017

Because 10-month-old Dawson Shull was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus, he was forced to live in silence. For the entirety of this short life so far, he heard nothing, not even the sound of his own mother’s voice.

But the baby, who was born into a loving family from North Carolina in May 2016, refused to give up on their dream of helping Dawson hear. With a profound hearing loss in his left ear and severe loss in his right, their hopes were not high. Doctors didn’t know if there was much they could do.

Then, there was hope. When the child was fitted with a life-changing hearing device, his world was suddenly opened up to the amazing sounds around him. Including his own mother’s voice…

Because his family wanted him to be able to hear, the doctors gave him Cochlear implants which allowed him to bypass the damaged part of his ear. This is the first time he has been able to hear properly.

During the touching video clip, Dawson watches a Minnie Mouse cartoon as he finally gets to hear the voices of the characters he knows so well. He is sitting peacefully during the program.

Then he gets overwhelmed when he hears his mother Jessica calling his name for the first time. With his new sense overloaded with stimulation, Dawson bursts into tears.

Jessica Shull admitted that Dawson’s ability to hear was a shock for him at first. He was upset for a few minutes, but as the world started to make sense to him, he began to open up to the new experience. And he has been loving it ever since.

Mom said, “He now plays on his xylophone and piano for hours intrigued by the sound. This is such a huge step forward for Dawson. Before the implants, we thought Dawson would never talk and now his future looks entirely different. After the initial switch on, he cried for about five minutes, but it hasn’t bothered him since then.”

She added on her YouTube video description: “Activation day started with a few tears but I’m so happy that we know the implants were a success. Now we begin the journey of learning to hear.”

Hundreds of viewers have been touched by the baby’s adorable reaction to mom’s voice. They’ve left many comments on places like Daily Mail, including the following:

“Poor baby. It scared him, but a wonderful thing to happen.”

“I got my cochlear implant a few years ago and it is the most horrible sound when it is first switched on. He is definitely crying because it scares him and it sounds awful,” shared Merlo from Australia.

“Brought a tear to my eye – Bless him – May he have a long and healthy life,” a London reader wrote.

“Amazing what can be done and how far technology has come. Special moment,” share an admirer.

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