Mysterious Boat Washed Up On Shore With No One Aboard. Find Important Note From The Owner

Updated November 16, 2016

When hundreds of people from the tiny Irish village of Ballyglass saw a caravan-sized boat washed up on shore Sunday, they gathered on the sand to gaze out at the spectacle. But when one brave citizen climbed on board, they found the stranger solar-powered ship empty – except for one cryptic note left behind by the boat’s former owner, Canadian adventurer Rick Small.

Small, who lived in Ontario, was recognized for riding his solar-powered bike across the country of Canada last year. But now that this note was found in his boat, a big mystery has formed. Where is he? Why was the houseboat floating aimlessly around the Atlantic?

Check out the note and see what Small had in mind…

Last year, residents of Newfoundland, Canada, which is not far from the liberal getaway which welcomes Donald Trump haters in Nova Scotia, spotted the strange house boat. But for more than a year, it has been missing. And now the evidence shows that it was floating out at see all this time.

Although no one was on board, the villagers of Ballyglass found a strange note inside that made them smile.

The note read:

I, Rick Small, donate this structure to a homeless youth to give them a better life that Newfoundlanders choose not to do! No rent, no mortgage, no hydro,” the note read.


Since the man’s name is clearly noted on the boat’s message, reporters sought out the man for a comment. But he has not come forward. No one knows where he is currently living.

A few people who reside in Newfoundland said that he has rarely been seen since he completed his difficult bike tour of the northern neighbor of the United States. When they did spot him, he was busily working on this houseboat that apparently floated across the ocean.

Irish Coast guard do not think he traveled across the ocean in the boat. Ballyglass Coast Guard shared photos of the strange vessel on their social media pages. Coast Guard officer Michael Hurst talked to ABC News about the strange solar-powered boat.

After the story went viral, some Canadian residents claimed they saw it stationed off Newfoundland. One even said they saw it on the coast of the island as early as last September.

Timothy Legrow, who spotted the houseboat on Newfoundland, claims he spoke to Smalls that very day.

“He told me his plan was to take the boat and prove that solar power could sail it across the Atlantic,” Legrow told ABC News. “I never saw him again after that.’

Hurst, the Irish coast guard officer, suspects something different happened.

“From the message inside, he likely abandoned that idea and just left the boat on a dock for homeless people. It probably broke off and somehow made its way across the ocean to here,” Hurst said.

When Small made the 4,000-mile journey across Canada on his solar-powered bike, he told CBC that “It’s been a blast. It’s been really easy.”

What do you think the answer to this solar-powered houseboat mystery?

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