Nature Camera Setup In Yellowstone Captures Odd Object, Has Rumors Spreading Like Wildfire

Updated October 12, 2017

Does this video footage show a UFO hovering over the Yellowstone volcano?

Take a look at the 3-minute video, which appears to show a metal object, from which a bright light comes from for a few seconds, before it speeds away. The video was taken on June 9, 2017.

The Yellowstone volcano made headlines this summer when more than 400 earthquakes hit in one week near it, as scientists said in a statement to the Star Valley Independent: “This is the highest number of earthquakes at Yellowstone within a single week in the past five years.”

The report continues, “but is fewer than weekly counts during similar earthquakes swarms in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2010.

Though these “swarms” of earthquakes may sound worrisome, experts at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) say the risk of the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting is very low. The probability is only one in 730,000.

So, is the footage a UFO? While it’s unclear and not confirmed at all, the National UFO Reporting Center notes that there have been hundreds of reported UFO sightings in the state of Wyoming since 1871.

Those weighing in on the Fox News story about the UFO video weren’t convinced, with comments such as: “1980 just called, they want their betamax camera back!,” “good grief, these type of videos are always shaky and grainy,” and “What a surprise, a blurry video.”

Another commenter noted: “WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE that visit that area? We were just there in September on a cold snowy day, and there were a lot of people. This was from June 9th? One of the busiest months for tourists. Can someone explain that?”

One commenter had a perfect explanation for the sighting, writing: “It’s the combination of gasses that form over the Yellowstone area into the atmosphere…the sun hits the area of gaseous concentration and reflects light back. Similar occurrences have been seen from outer space…it’s a reflection of the sun and the curvature of the earth producing the anomaly.”

Another person noted: “I’m sure just a natural phenomena associated with the recent earthquakes. It’s actually there though, has a shadow and everything.”

Others pointed out this very real observation: “UFO videos are always grainy and never have a clean normal picture. This is the 21st Century with phone cameras that have professional quality.” Another noted: “Same with ghosts and Bigfoot. Never a sharp clear image. It’s so lame.”

Another commenter offered this easy explanation for what’s visible in the video, writing: “Ever hear of airplanes? They’re real. And they actually fly! The shadows of the trees show the sun is behind and a bit to the left of the camera, which explains the glare from the airplane on that trajectory. The later flash is from a tall vehicle moving along the road. Again, the sun is placed to produce that reflection.”

One commenter on the YouTube video made this observation: “Web cam taking a picture every few seconds (or minutes), so naturally it is highly inconclusive. And no witnesses during that great weather? Hard to believe.”