Navy Plane Mechanic Tells His Buddy To Film Him, Now Watch Closely As He Defies All Logic

Updated December 23, 2016

While checking the engine on an EA-6B Prowler on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, a mechanic got blasted 75 feet backwards.

The crewman was checking the engine of the jet before he gave it a thumbs up to take off. But while the jet took off from the deck of the USS Kitty Hawk, the mechanic was caught in the air current and propelled rolling backwards along the flight deck of the aircraft carrier. He stands and then raises his hands in the air like a champion.

Check out the viral footage below to see this action happen for yourself!

This trick would have been very dangerous to perform if the mechanic wasn’t prepared for it. Thankfully, the stunt was all part of his way of saying farewell. After being blown half the length of a football field, he gets back to his feet and raises his hands triumphantly in the air.

Although the footage was filmed several years ago, it did not become popular until it was recently uploaded to Reddit. On the social share site, an airman explained that the mechanic was being transferred off USS Kitty Hawk and wanted to perform the trick before he left.

Usually, mechanics don’t have to worry about being swept down deck by back winds. The EA-6B Prowler engines are located high on the aircraft.

Mechanics can also save themselves from being pushed backwards by gripping onto the metal hook, the same one that holds the chains used to secure the aircraft to the ship.

Back in June 2015, EA-6B Prowlers were withdrawn from the US Navy Service. These jets jammed electronic equipment and prevented enemy forces from communicating with each other. It was very effective.

The jet was piloted by one and had three crew members who operated the jamming equipment.

Here are some stats on the EA-6B:

-These jets thrust 10,400 pounds on each of the two engines. Their maximum speed is 651mph. They have a wingspan of 53 feet and a length of 60 feet.

-Each jet costs between $52 million and $52 billion to manufacture. The federal government spent $141 on education in 2013.  Two of these jets can cost almost as much as educating millions of students.

This video has quickly gone viral as people applaud this man’s risk-taking ability. Here are some popular comments on MailOnline:

“He had a Blast.”

“missed that blast panel on purpose did he? just plain lucky. I worked on F4’s for year i know what its like to be caught in jet blast but never at Max thrust, this is most stupid stunt i have ever seen.”

“If I’d been his Chief I would have transferred him to his new command with the tip of my boot and with an eval that would have made sure he never advanced another grade.”

“There is a higher chance of finding a cure of cancer than the cure for stupidity”

What do you think about this footage? Is it heroic or foolish?